Letter #87 New Stake Organization!! 6/4/12

Fam!   its good to be writing you again.  -- is it just me or are the
weeks ZOOMING by! holy cow. i feel like i just wrote you guys.

it was good to read your letters.   i loved the pics!   that looked
like one legit concert!   awesome lax pic of slate. i loved the pic of
grandpa! good to see him riding his bike!! -- and the kitchen looks so
great! geez.  i´m pumped to see the whole house when i get back.

this week has been g r e a t!   p and y are officially
married! FINALLY!     it all went down thursday!   we got them a ride
set up to go to that town (sayva playa) about an hour and a half away.
  we got their witnesses and everything set up and they both took a
day off from work!   not gunna lie, its taken a ton of work to get it
to happen but it was definitely worth it.  they´re doing so great!
and afterward they looked so happy!,  i´ve seen a visable change in
their relationship this past week since they got married.

Sunday was Stake Conference!  and it was soooo cool because it was the
forming of the stake!   Ciudad del Carmen has been a district for
almost 30 years-- and they´re finally  a stake!   it was so great
because i´ve spent so much of my mission here in this zone!  june july
august september october november of last year, and part of march,
april may and part of june of this year.  i was so happy to be able to
be a part of this huge step here in Cd. del Carmen.

ok mostly i didnt understand how important it is to have a stake!   a
stake is much different from a district --  a district doest have
bishops, doesnt have a patriarch so almost no one has patriarcle
blessings,  almost no one has an active temple recommentd because they
have to wait for the mission president to come all the way from
villahermosa to interview them and sign their temple recommends, there
arent any high priests ordained,  missionaries have to go to villa to
pic up their mission calls and be set apart,    basically a district
doesnt have a ton of the the privleges a Stake has.  and it was cool
this week to see them establish the first stake here in the city.
Elder Benjamin de Hoyos of the first quorem of the seventy came and
another seventy as well but i cant remember his name.    and it was
super powerful.      most of the conference was centered on raising
the standard,  that as a stake the people here should incline their
hearts to the lord, be more faithful, more giving of their time in
service to the lord.   benjamin de hoyos talked of the need to go look
for the lost sheep.  he said "what father is there that in the night
time asks his wife, -- honey, its getting late, how many of our kids
have came back home?  and when she answeres 4 of the 5, he says 4 of
the 5, thats about 80%,  i think we´re good to shut and lock the doors
and go to sleep!       no parent would do that,    he said that we
cannot rest until all our brothers and sisters are safely back at
home.    he called the members of the stake to be more diligent in
retention of new converts.  35000 people were converted last year
alone in mexico  thats enough for about 30 more stakes here in mexico.

p and y came to the conference and loved it.   also in the
conference i got to see my converts again. and that was great, i sat
by J and E and their family in the conference.  i love them so
much.  i´m so excited for them to be sealed in the temple in 6 months!

As for the next week we should have the baptism of p and y!
  hopefully they´ll be baptised  friday or saturday, and maybe it´ll be on the beach!!
 that´d be pretty cool

anyway.  hope you´re all doing well.  love ya a bunch.  i´ll be
praying for slate this week!  and i hope you all stay safe and well
-much love
elder lloyd

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