Letter #88 6/11/12 Another Week Here in Sabancuy!

hey fam!

hows it going?   It was good to get those pics of you all this week!
you all look so great!,     glad to hear that slaters scout camp and
jack´s lacrosse camp went well!   And thats so awesome about kam´s
call!   thats cool that he´s going stateside!, it´ll be a different
experience!  i imagine he´ll have a car!  and i imagine his wards will
be bigger and more well formed.  he´ll be able to do lots of work with
the members!   i´ve always imagined what it would be like to serve in
the states! every mission is different, and every call is inspired,
and the lord knows exactly where kam needs to go!  that is going to be
a ton of time that we dont see each other though!! 4 years!! yikes!

This week was rough here in Sabancuy!  We´re struggling to find people
to teach.  we´ve been diligent in contacting this week but its
seriously just been worse and worse with the contacts.  we´ve seen
a lot of opposition this week.  friday and saturday the people we
contacted didnt even let us present ourselves. --  it was like "hey,
how are you doing today?"---  "no no no, we´re not interested"!
lots of slammed doors.

p and y didnt get baptised. they
faced some pretty big opposition this week!  their family started
attacking them for listening to us!  and then it turns out that since
last week other churchs have been visiting them almost everyday... all
telling them that there are no such things as visions, and in these
times there arent such things as prophets. and everything we need is in
the bible and the book of mormon is from the devil!  basically they
were just bombarded, and then more family came in from out of town and
said the same thing. Basically the doubt started to enter into their
hearts. not as much with p but y said that she doesnt want
to be baptized!  p is super because he wants an eternal family and
he knows he cant have it without his wife. -- and even he´s been
doubting.   we did everything we could this week, we planned spiritual
lessons, we brought members,  the president of the mission even called
us one day of the week and said he had been thinking of p and
y, and we went to their house and he talked with them on the
phone!   and then they didnt get baptized, and yesterday they didnt
come to church for the first time in like a month.  basically it was a
rough week--

my companion got desperate by the end of th week! and we were both
pretty anxious to see what would happen with the transfers. yesterday
the zone leaders called and said that there wont be any changes in the
whole zone!!   my comp is pretty sad. i think he wanted to get out of

but i know the transfers are inspired and if we havent been transfered
its because there´s still work to do here, and the lord needs us where
we´re at. so even though its been a rough couple of weeks we´re just
going to work harder, and try harder to recieve the inspiration of the
spirit to find new investigators and hopefully resolve the doubts of

on a more positive note--
the sacrament meeting sunday was one of the best i´ve had in my
mission. it was testimony meeting!    and theres this old lady in the
ward that got up to bear her testimony, she´s a recent convert. she
was baptized about a year ago.   she can barely walk, she cant hear
anything,  but she is seriously the most faithful member. and one of
the sweetest old ladies i´ve met in the mission.  last month she gave
her testimony but had a hard time expressing herself.  but this month
she came prepared with her testimony written on a piece of paper.
she got up and gave one of the sweetest testimonies i´ve heard in my
life. it wasnt more than maybe 5 or 6 sentances but  the spirit entered
the room so powerfully. it was like a wave, and you could tell that
everyone in the room had felt it,  and awoke in each of our hearts the
desire to bear our testimonies -- almost everyone in the room gave
their testimony, i´ve never heard such humble but powerful
testimonies. the members here have so much desires to see the church
progress.   it was a seriously special meeting.

well i love ya all a bunch. hope you have a great week!  be well! be
good jack and slate!
-elder lloyd

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