Letter #4 10/29/10

Dear Family,

Sorry that email was probably sporadic and kinda crazy.  I’ve been SUPER stressed since this whole new district thing started.  I’m so unsure about things.  But I have faith in the Lord that he will help me through anything.

One of the hardest things about changing districts was the fact that after I left home, those elders became my family in a way and I seriously bonded with them.  I didn’t realize I loved them so much.  When I left that district it felt like it did when you dropped me off here.  I felt so alone.  Sooo alone.  In this new district, it’s hard to get close to people.  They’re all way older than me and only speak in Spanish.  I feel alone.  But the thing I’ve realized is that I always have the Lord.  Through hard times and good times, he’ll always be there.  And the good thing is when you’re humble its a lot easier to feel the spirit and receive and realize answers to prayers.  When you pray every day like 1,000,000 times and rely on the Lord for everything, you really come to know how personal your relationship with him can be.

Ok, business – I have a new mailbox number.  So when you send me mail, don’t send it to 308 or whatever you’ve been sending it to.  Send it to 114.  If you can change that on my facebook, that’d be awesome.  

Something else I forgot to tell you in the letter – Tuesday we had another apostle come!  Richard G. Scott.  He talked about recognizing the spirit.  It was sweet.  And it’s super unusual to have 2 apostles come in your first 2 weeks in the MTC.  Apparently it’s average to have 2 come the whole time you’re here.  I’m hoping we’ll be 3 for 3 this next week.  J

So how’s your business going mom?  Are you pretty busy with that?  Were you able to fill all those orders you got from your show?

That was super funny/weird that Sasha started liking Katelyn when I left.  Weird, weird, weird.  Usually she’d bark like crazy anytime Katelyn came over.  How is Sasha doing?

So now that I have a new district, I sleep in a new room.  My roommates are zone leaders so they’re pretty strict about everything.  Actually almost everyone in our zone is pretty obedient to rules.  Its gunna take some getting used to but its gunna be good in the long run!  Sorry this letter is so scatter brained!

Oh, so one cool thing Elder Richard G. Scott told us at the end of his talk.  He was like “If you don’t listen or remember anything else from this talk, remember this – Jesus Christ lives.  I know this because I know him”.  It was intense!  Everyone’s been talking about how the quorum of the twelve prays in the temple every Thursday for the missionaries.  It’s unreal how many prayers are going out for missionaries and future investigators.

Thanks for the laundry instructions.  They will come in handy!  J Well I gtg.  You probably won’t get this till Monday or Tuesday, but I love you all so much.  I’ll email you Tueaday.

Elder Lloyd

Letter #3 10/25/11 & Pic!!!

quierdo familia [dear family] :)

holy cow its been a busy week.  but this week flew by waaaaaay fast compared to those first few days!!! 

a few things of business - i think i was suppose to bring baptismal clothes which i didnt :/ dont know what to do about that.   you guys will probably have to get them for me. idk even know what i need. dad will know though.  --  also just a heads up. it would be sooo awesome if you guys could sent me dear elders while i'm in the MTC because i only have 30 min on the computer and then it automatically logs me out and wont let me on till next week :/  if you guys send me lettters i'll have more time to write you when i get on on P days.  i spent 10 min just reading your letters today which was good cus i love hearing about home, but i dont get as much time to answer and i've got tons to tell you :)  when i get out of the mtc we can just email because i wont have a time limit!! 

Tell the Mechams, Killbournes and grandma and grandpa thank you sooooooooo much for the packages.  they made me soo happy,  alot of them have come on days when i've been down. and on top of that, all the cool elders get packages/letters and they other guys have been pretty jealous of mine this past week :)  my companions loved lexi and mckells treats.  i have so much food idk what to do with it all.   i think i can find use for it though :)   

like i said this week has been super crazy.   our lesson in spanish went well monday!  it was just to our teachers but it was still pretty stressful.   apparently no other districts have had to do that. i've been talking to other missionaries who've been here for 6 weeks and they're just starting to give them in spanish.   our teachers brother tingey and hermana sybrowsky say they're pushing us harder then they've ever pushed a district before.  i can pray bear testimony and have some pretty decent conversations in spanish.  i actually talked to my teacher about getting moved up to the intermediate spanish class because i'm gettting really good. we talked to an administration guy and he's going to see what he can do about it. i dont think it will happen though... sadly... 

The mtc has been awesome.  i feel the spirt so much.  We gave the lesson again thursday but this time it wasnt to our teacher. it was at the TRC which i like missionary testing.  they have volunteers act like investigators and you teach him.  my companions were zero help --- wierd how that happens when they dont study-- but it still went well  we did a good job teaching the investigator.  the thing they always tell us here is that we teach people -- not lessons. 

tell parker i'm so excited about his getting the priesthood.  i heard he got a pretty awesome blessing-- getting the priesthood is a huge step.  its the power to act in gods name on earth.  pretty big responsiblity if you think about it.   we'lll blink and it'll be parker and slater out on missions.  that'll be awesome eh?

also-  i'm not feeling well.  i woke up yesterday with sinus stuff again --- pretty much the exact same thing.  my throats sore and congested and ears hurt. i went to the nurse. she told me to take sudafed and advil every meal. so thats what i've been doing so i can keep working. bah.  frustrating.

you guys should send me a picture of the family in the next care package.  i want to have a picture in my room.  i miss seeing all yoru faces!! :)

crap i only have two minutes. i'll write you guys a letter with the rest  of the stuff i want to say.      i've got like 100 other things to tell you.

i love you all so much and hope you've had an amazing week

love elder lloyd

Letter #2 10/16/11

Hola mi familia,

i cant believe ive only been here for three days. its the craziest thing of my life.  ive never worked or studied this hard.   ive been so busy.   But anytime i have even a free thirty seconds  [ mostly at night when i'm getting for bed]  i start thinking about home and everything i've left behind.  I've had some pretty crazy home sickness.  I miss you all so much.  when i heard of missionaries coming home from homesickness i was like "wow. babies" before i left. but i can begin to see why its so real.  I'm not coming home though dont you fret.  haha.  i have been struggling though.  i was praying my guts out last night trying to get some help with it and i felt so much peace and comfort. i know the holy ghost is real. i know god has called me to serve, this is where he wants me to be. and he's going to strengthen and help me to overcome any struggles i have while i'm here.  my testimony of the holy ghost is growing as well.  i can feel it so strongly here its amazing.  i love it.   Thanks for the packages. tell ronette thanks soooo much too.  they came right when i had hit a wall with the language,  i went to lunch and had to packages. i was so happy. 
Anyway.  this is the only saturday that i have p day and its only a half p day!  next friday i'll have another P-day.  also, some items of business--- I"m freezing cold at night!! our room is like negative something degrees. to the point its really hard to sleep cus i'm shivering.  if you could send some blankets and i'd just leave them in the mtc that would be sooooo awesome.  thanks. 

so my companions --  i still think they're great and i was definitely meant to be with them.  but seriously they both have some issues.       i heard you printed off my schedule. idk how because every missionary district is different haha.  basically we wake up and go to gym, elder vasquez wrestles so we do some intense ab work outs... hopin to come back with a six pack. then we go to class and meetings with three breaks for meals.  they dont give us much time to study what they're teaching though  which is soooo frustrating.  i still havent studied for the lesson monday. worried about that.  they havent taught us anything like that.  they're kindof expecting us to teach our selves right now it feels like.... that whole 'youll pass up everything in highschool in the first 3 days-- not true if you paid any attention in highschool. i feel leaps and bounds ahead in the language and way behind in the knowing how to teach the gospel part.  so frustrating. but i know i'll get it as i put the time and effort in and rely on the lord.  thats the only way its possible to learn this fast is with some serious help from the lord.  

so in answer to jacksons question.  i havent gained weight yet. but i'm going to holy cow. we eat three big meals and then sit all day. ha no chance i dont gain weight.  the food. no good.  no one in my district likes it. ha. but i eat alot of fruit and i actually eat the main meal they serve. its not like you have 1000 choices like i thought it would be.   you have like  2 but they're different every meal.  and then theres always cereal.  Jackson, i miss you so much. i miss your personality and seeing you smile and laugh. and you making me laugh. i miss you all more than i thought i would.  its crazy. \

Slater-- holy crap!!! no way you made platinum.  i am seriously so jealous.  i'll challenge you to a 1v1 when we get home :)  i hope youre enjoying that phone.  haha.  i'm having cell phone withdrawls too. i can feel vibrations in my legs  sometimes. haha.  i wanna hear more about what  youre doing and how your weeks going slater ater.  i liked that pic at the bottom of the letter you sent me. 

crap. running out of time so i gtg. but i love you all so much.   the mtc is so awesome. i'm gunna love it but i can already tell i cant wait to get out to the field and actually start  doing stuff. bah.  

love you all so much,  cant wait to hear from you again this week. 
love, elder lloyd

Letter #1: 10/14/10

Hey Fam,

We just went and got our immunizations checked off today,  and they were unsure about one of my immunization dates,  so they said i could write home and get you to fax or mail in my immunization record sheet.  The fax number is 801 422 0860.  They're conserned about the MMR dates, they said it seems like they were too close together or something. so if you could just mail it in or fax it to them that would be awesome.

idk if they're going to give me time later in the week!  so i'll just tell you everything now!   That first day was so intense.  i was and still am pretty overwhelmed.  But the good thing is they have you so busy every second of the day that there's not much time to think about home or anything.  But i'm still missing you all so much.  just the thought that i'm giving up everything that my life was before for the mission gets me pretty emotional.  I know i had thought about it before but it really wasnt real until now.  i miss you all alot, and i feel waaaaay under qualified for this work, [btw you should tell the priests that it is an absolute must that they know how to give the first lesson in PMG without looking at the book.  because by monday i'm suppose to be giving it in spanish] [yikes] but i know that as i give 100% of my time and energy and even my thoughts to the lord, i'll be able to learn the language and better accomplish his work.  

The mtc is so awesome.  My companions are Elder Vasques, he's from maryland,  he's a really awesome pretty humble, doesnt know anything about spanish just like me so thats good. and he's way easy to talk to. we're getting to know each other pretty well. and i have another companion Elder Chesworth.  he's from PG ha.  He did summer sales and paid for his whole mish.  He's quieter but still way nice. both my companions seem hard working which is good because if i had a lazy companion i'd be so frustrated right now.  also another thing which is cool about elder chesworth is that me and him are related.  haha it was so awesome how we found out. he was talking about oakley utah and i said we had a cabin up by there and he said he did too. i asked him where and he said this place up weber canyon called GLENDALE!!! cool eh.  his great grandparents are the Lakes? if you know who that is.  way awesome.   well hopefully i'll be able to write more saturday. my companions are getting frustrated that i'm taking this long to write my letter.  bah.  i cant beleive i only have half an hour to write everyone. lame lame lame.  owell.

i'll talk to you later then,

love, Elder Lloyd.