Letter #103 9/24/12 Transfer!!

Looks like Matt will finish his mission (maybe!) with 7 areas, and 21
companions.  He's had 3-trios, and a lot of these little mid-transfer
transfers because of issues elsewhere in the mission.   Glad he got to
return to see his investigator baptized though!

Elder Lloyd returns on Monday, October 15th, and his sacrament meeting
report will be on October 21st!

Have a great week!
- marci

Subject: ¿Pomoca?

hey fam!

well here i am writing you from Pomoca!     yep- transfers!    i{m no
longer with elder lope or elder flores.    my new companion is elder
Valensuela.  it all happened super fast.  i think there was a problem
somewhere in the mission and a missionary got sent home and they had
to move a few elders around.   But they called me i think it was
thursday morning at like 8 and told me i had to be in my new area at
10. and elder lope got transfered as well.   so we packed up in two
hours and now i{m in a ward thats called Tierra Colorada.    it was a
super big bummer because the baptism i had planned was for friday, and
i got moved thursday.---  i{ll be honest i wasnt super happy with the
transfers as well because i{ve been working so hard in Gaviotas to
help the investigatos progress, and in the week when all the problems
get resolved, they move me-- bah.    the good news is that C
was baptised friday!  and i asked special permision from the president
to be able to go back and attend the baptismal service.  so i have
some pics i{ll send ya.    also good news.  the family i was working
so hard with to get them married in gaviotas,  finally has everything
ready, the wedding is all set up and paid for.  they{re going to get
married the 2nd of october!  and baptized the 6th of october! woot!!
and another couple we were working with is also going to be married
and baptized the same week.

as for my new area---   its still in Villahermosa.  kindof.     its in
the other stake!    and in our ward there are two companionships of
missionaries!  so we divide the ward limits in two different areas.
the other companionship are sister missionaries!  they{re in our
district.  which is cool because i{ve never been in a district with
sister missionaries.  our area is called pomoca.  its a huge area of
pure apartments.  all the houses are exactly the same.  its like they
took the same model of house and copied it like 100,000 times.     The
areas pretty big.  but its super far away from the church, which makes
it hard to bring people to church.    the other problem is that the
members here arent super helpful.  its a bigger ward than gaviotas,
and they help less.  only 1 family has let us eat in their house since
i got here.  and none of the members let us borrow their washing
machine to wash our clothes. --- that is a first in my mission.
in gaviotas the members fought to feed us and there was a member that
washed our clothes for us. ---- am i whinning? woops.   haha.
---    no but its a good area, and my companions chill. and mostly i{m
just happy to be a missionary.  one thing i{ve learned in the past two
years is that it doesnt matter where you serve, if you just serve with
all your heart you find joy in what your doing.  and i{m just happy to
be a missionary for these next three weeks.  and i{m just happy to be
able to testify and to teach.   the most important part of being a
missionary is trying hard every day to represent the savior.

well fam  love ya a bunch.  we{ll be seeing each other soon enough!
until next week

elder lloyd

ps.  it was great to hear from kam this week!  glad to hear he{s doing
well --  he already sounds like a missionary!   i{m pumped to write
him when i get back!

Letter #102 9/17/12 Mexican Independence Day!

Hello Family!

Its good to be writing you all again this week!

First of all, Thanks a ton for the birthday envelope that you sent me!
 i enjoyed the tape you sent!  i felt like i was right there in the
kitchen. My bros are so funny in those tapes!  They´ve changed a lot
though,  even in their voices,  next time i hear your voices it´ll be
in person!

As for my b-day,   we went to a members house for breakfast and that
was nice!   then in the afternoon an investgator gave me a cake!  and
it was awesome!    The mission president and his wife called and sang
happy birthday in english.  they are such great examples of the pure
love of christ.  everytime i talk with them i feel their love.

 Also this week,   I have a new companion!!!  Transfers left and right
these days.   only this time i didnt lose a companion, we just
received another,   Now we´re  a trio.   Elder lope, Elder Flores, and
Elder lloyd!      Elder flores is from my same generation,  or in
other words he started the mission the same day i did, and he´ll be
going home the same day!    he´s from Baja California South,  a city
called Los Cabos,   or in other words,  the Mexico Culiacan mission,
he lives in the mission where landon is serving!   Cool eh?

i dont know if you guys have the pics from my first area,  but there´s
a pic where i´m with my district,  and we´re all in a room in the
church wearing blue shirts with a white dragon thing,    There are two
mexican elders in that pic, and the one that isnt elder tlachi is
Elder Flores.     only in that pic he´s about 40 pounds heavier.
he´s lost a ton of weight in the last two years.  haha.

not going to lie.  i think he´s a bit more trunky than i am.   but i´m
sure theres a reason why the lord wants us together, the three of us.

The good news is we´re going to baptize this week!!!!! yahoooo!    una
hermana que se llama C!   she´s living with some members and
has come to church the last three weeks and loves it!  she´s been
passing for some pretty serious problems in her life.  shes seperated
from her husband, and her husband kidnapped her baby.  its crazy.   but
she´s super prepared and excited for the friday!

also this past week we had a Noche Mexicana, in the church.  its
basically just a huge ward party for mexican independence day.  i have
some awesome pics i´ll show you when i get home!  there was a lot of
traditional mexican dancing, and a lot of mexican food.  we had a ton
of investigators there and all in all i think there were 220 people in
attendance, so that was great!

well fam.  hope you have a great  week.  love ya´ll A TON.

-elder lloyd

Letter #101 9/10/12! Happy Birthday Elder Lloyd!!

Ok, Matt's emails are getting shorter and shorter every week.  In 4 weeks,
it will be just a "See you next week".  It's all good though!  Have a great
week.       - marci

Subject: hello from Gaviotas

My Family!

Thanks so much for all the emails you sent this week!   honestly i had
forgotten that my birthday is tomorrow until i opened up my mail and
was wondering why i had like 3 times the amount of emails as normal
haha.  but thats super weird to me that i{m going to be 21 tomorrow.
geez i{m old ha!

i havent received your envelope yet, but if it was in the mission
offices this past week i should receive it tomorrow!, we{ll see.

This past week has gone really well.  My new companion elder lope is
super great.  super positive,  he is from southern peru,  he comes
from a family of 10.  he has 7 brothers and sisters.  holy cow.   he
is the last of the 8. and the first to serve a mission.  so i think
his parents are super proud of him,   his whole family is active
though, and all his brothers and sisters are married in the temple!
his parents are converts to the church.   ----     we come from two
very different worlds i{m learning haha.  because here in the last two
years i{ve been getting used to mexico, but i think mexico and peru
are super different as well.

all in all everythings went very well this week though.  elder lope is
super socialable, he gets along super well with everyone.   he teaches
well!  we have a lot of people we{re working with,  they{re just
progressing super super slowly.  which can be frustrating, but we had
a lot of new investigators in church sunday and a lot of old
investigators as well.

This next week we{re going to focus a lot in helping our investigators
accept a baptismal date, because we have a lot that have come to church
2 or 3 times and still havent decided when they{re going to be
baptized.  also this week we{re probably going to get a couple
married! ha.  or maybe two couples ha.  i hope everything works out
well so we can help our investigators to get past the tests they{ve
been having the past few weeks!
It was good to see those pics of my bros, and of kams farewell.   i{m
super excited to start getting his letters from the mtc.  tell the
kilbournes i want to be on the list to get his letters!

well i gtg write the pres.

love ya{ll, y espero que tengan una buena semana

.elder lloyd.

Letter #100 9/3/12 New Companion!!

hey family!

This week has been a bit interesting,   Elder Rodriguez finished up
his last week and went home yesterday, he seemed pretty excited i{ll
be honest haha.   yesterday and today i{ve been with another elder
from the zone whose companion also went home this transfer.   we{re
waiting for our new companions to come tomorrow.  my new companion
will be elder lope, pronounced lopay.   he{s from peru!  i think he
has less than a year in the mission, about 9 months i think.   i{ve
never met him but i{ll be sure to tell you more about him next week.

This week was a a little hard though because we got robbed.  well, i
got robbed ha.  it was a super big bummer, and i{ve been pretty
distracted with the loss all this week actually.    what happened is
that my desk where i study is right by the window,  and i left out on
my desk the other day the 300g hard drive in its box along with all
the memory cards and the flash drive.  and when we came back to the
apartment at night it wasnt there.     and our apartment is pretty
secure,  its on the second floor and really the only people who have a
key to get to the second floor are other people in the apartment
complex.   but someone, (probably one of our neighbors)  broke the
screen and took the hard drive.   so frustrating.    i{m a bit bummed
because i know it was something expensive,  but more than that i{m
super bummed about the pics i had there in the hard drive.  i think
you guys have back ups of all the pics that i{ve sent,  but i also had
all the pics that my companions had taken on the hard drive. -- and i
had a ton of music, and talks, and books in pdf format.    frustrating
that in 22 months in the mission i dont get robbed and my last
transfer this happens.  bah.

anyway,  mostly theres nothing we can do about it now.

the rest of the week went pretty well.  i loved the fast and testimony
meeting yesterday.   a member of the quorem of the seventy came to the
meeting,  idk why he was there actually ha. but it was a great
meeting,  one of the investigators bore her testimony.  she{s super
awesome, she the girlfriend of a member, and she just finished reading
the book of mormon like a week ago, and she wants to get baptized, but
her mom hasnt given her permission.

there are like 5 or 6 investigators that are attending church every
sunday but for one reason or another havent been able to get baptized.
-- frustrating.  but i{m certain that these next 6 weeks are going to
be the best of my mission.  we are going to work hard, and fast and
pray so that these families can be baptized in the coming weeks!

well i gtg. but i love ya{ll bunch.  thanks for your emails,
i loved the pics btw.

-elder lloyd