Letter #86 5/28/12 Bug Bite!

hey fam! whats up!

its been another great week here in sabancuy!  working with elder
Garcia!   This week we got our first hit of the rainy season--
apparently its going to be raining a lot more often now!   it rained
super hard yesterday, and during the week it rained a lot in the
afternoons and at night.  We only reallly got super super soaked
saturday because the other days we were in lessons during the rain!
there have been some awesome thunder and lightning though!    also-
you´d think because its raining it would be colder-- its not.   just
more humid!   the sun is super strong,  i´m turning into a mexican!
my tan lines are lookin super great haha, i even have a tan line from
where the sun has burned me through my shirt,  and you can see the
mark of my tie!

Also this week i got bit by some bug, i´m not sure what it was, i
think it must have been a spider!  the first day it was fine, it just
itched and hurt a ton, but after 2 days it wasnt getting better and my
hand was going purple!!  so we went to the hospital and they gave me a
shot and some medicine to take! and it took about 2 days but my hands
back to normal now! ha yikes.  we also sprayed the house with a bug
spray thats supposed to keep the bugs away for at least  a month!

this week has also been interesting with the food,  we ate shark one
day,  yesterday day we had pig skin, and today they gave us oysters!

On the spiritual side, we had interviews with the president this week!
 it was a great experience.  he always seems to know exactly what i
need to hear.  i expressed to him some doubts about whether all the
work i had done in Cardenas (my last area) had been a success,  and we
talked about how to know if we´ve had a successful mission.  if we
feel that the spirit has worked through us on a day to day basis we
can know that the lord is using us as an instrument.  its not as
important whether or not the people you teach accept-- abinadi
testified against wicked king noah, and they killed him.  abinadi
never saw alma converted.  moses lead his people for 40 years in the
desert and then the lord told him that they would break the covenant
and go and worship false gods--  and that doesnt mean moses and
abinadi were failures.    at the end of the interview the president
told me that cardenas hasnt hearkened unto the voice of the servants
of the lord and my testimony and the testimony of the other elders
that have served in cardenas will stand as a testimony against them in
the last day--  it was pretty intense, and i felt better because i
seriously did work so hard there in Cardenas with my companions to
help the people and raise up the ward there.

 also he told me i wont be finishing my mish here in sabancuy, that
he´s going to send me to another area to finish my mision!

As for jack and slate, i was just thinking this last week and i wanted
to know how you two are doing in your Duty to God??   my companion and
i are working with the young men in the ward so that they can finish
it! and as i´ve been reading the pamphlet this week í´ve seriously
felt the spirit.  i know that it is an inspired program,  and its so
much better than the program that i had when i did it!   i dont know
how much you´ve done but i invite the both of you to sit down and put
some goals to finish it!    its something that will strenghten your
testimony and help to you better understand the duties you have as a
holder of the priesthood!

As for the investigators!   p and y still arent married---
but they´re way more excited.  thursday is the wedding day!  the wards
going to help us more this week.  the branch president and his family
are going to visit them this week to keep them excited!   and then
this next sunday they should be getting baptized!

well i love ya´ll a bunch!
hope you have a great week
-elder lloyd

Letter #85 5/21/12

hey family!!!

good to hear alls well with the fam.  sounds like it should be a
pretty busy week this week with school winding down!   i hope all goes
well with jack and slate and they can wrap up the school year well.

this week has been really good.  we´ve been working hard with our
investigators!   Thursday we did divisions with the zone leaders.
which means i spent half the day working with elder tlachi!  that was
an awesome experience.  it was like a wierd trip back in time, because
this time because it was like 11 months ago that we were working
together.    he´s such an awesome elder,  i was very lucky to have him
for a trainer.

we´re still struggling a bit to find people and have them progress.
we´ve been walking a ton this past week.   its disappointing when you
have a day full of appointments and then they all fall through.  so
frustrating.   but the good news is that we do have some people that
are progressing even if it is slowly ha.      p and y are
doing super great.  we had an awesome lesson with them, we brought
pics of our familys and talked to them of the worth of eternal
families and how we have to be willing to make sacrifices to recieve
the promised blessings. they both accepted to get married this week
and get ready for baptism.  and they both came to church sunday.

only frustrating thing is that htey have to go a bit far to get
married.  to a city thats like an hour from here where they marry
people for 500 pesos.   which is super super cheap.  hear its gunna
cost them like 3000 pesos.    but we told them we could find them a
ride with a member that has a car.   but we went and talked with the
member and he´s not willing to help us.  sooo frustrating.  he´s going
to be here, he´s got a job where it doesnt really matter if he misses
a few hours because he´s self employed,  but he´s just super lazy-- so
frustrating.   there isnt very much help from the ward here right now.
   i hope so much we can find a way to get pablo and his wife married
this week!!!!

we´re going to be working with the leaders of hte different
organizations this week to see if we can get them excited to work!
right now they´re a little bit depressed.  our branch president wants
to see the branch progess to be a ward, but he´s really the only one
in the whole branch thats visiting less actives and trying to get
things done.

i still dont know anything about when will be the day that i get
released --  my companion that leaves the end of august still hasnt
received information about what day he´s headed home-- so i´m not sure
when they´ll tell us!   but i´ll try to check this week and see if
they´ll tell me

as for tranfers, they still havent told us anything,  i dont think
anything will be happening until june actually!

well i love ya´ll a bunch.   hope you have a great week!
--elder lloyd

Letter #84 5/14/12 Hey Fam!

We talked with Matt yesterday for an hour and forty five minutes, and he
sounded GREAT!  It was by far the best conversation we've ever had with
him.  We were all so relaxed and spent a lot of the time just laughing.  He
is loving his mission and is excited to work hard for the next five months!
Have a great week!   - marci

Subject: hey fam.

Well this week is going to be a bit short.  i used my time writing the
pres. and some other emails!

But i´m so glad we could talk this week!  i loved hearing your voices!
 you all sounded great.  i almost felt like i was there with you in
the room.   and only 5 months more and we´ll be together again!

But as for right now we´re working diligently here in Sabancuy.  my
companion and i are excited for a new week.  new chance to start!
this week we didnt have any investigators in the church!  that was my
first time not having investigators in the church in a long time!   it
was rough. but we´re going to go look for new people this week and i´m
excited to start working to reach our goals in june!

after i talked with you guys yesterday it rained super hard!   and
everyone says we´re going into the rainy season here in jun and july!
 i´m excited because yesterday was the first time the temperature was
actually enjoyable. ha.

well i´m excited to write you all next week and tell ya how things go.

have a wonderful week
-elder lloyd

Letter #83 5/07/12 My Letter to you all from Sabancuy!

family!  it was good to hear from you all this week!  thanks a bunch
for your letters jack and slate, and thanks to ronette tambien!

i love to hear about the lacrosse.  i think i´ve been day dreaming
about it all day while i was washing my clothes and cleaning the
house!  bah i´m one jealous missionary.

this week i got my new companion.  elder Garcia.   he has 20 months in
the mission!   he goes home in september.  hes only got more more
cambio than me.  cool eh.      he´s from Cd. de mexico!   and he´s a
nice guy.  we´ve been working really well together!   we dont have
any problems.  he knows how to cook pretty well and so we´ve been
eating more than the normal oatmeal in the mornings.   we´ve had eggs
and toast and quesadillas.    its actually super super nice to be
with someone who has experience.   i dont have to worry about what
he´s going to say.  we teach well together.  we´ve had some awesome
lessons this past week.

we found a lady who doesnt go to any church because her whole life
she´s hasnt been able to find the right one!    she´s awesome, her
names olga,  and she sells cheese.  ha she´s like 60 years old, but
shes still 100% there.  she understands everything really well and
reads everything we leave with her.  she couldnt come to church sunday
because she had to work but we´re hoping for the next week she´ll be

also we went to El arca again this week but it was bad this time ha.
we got there and we couldnt find a ride from the bus stop to El arca
which is like 10 miles away.  bah.    so we started walking, and some
guy gave us a ride in the back of his truck but only like half the
way.  and we walked the other half,   when we got there the
investigators werent in their house..... bah.  and the same thing
happened on the way back to sabancuy. we walked like 3 miles and then
some one gave us a ride the rest of the way.      i think i´m going to
wait until our friend Fredy gomez gets back from working in cd del
carmen to go back to el arca so that he can help us.  because when
he´s here he can take us everywhere in his car!

as for the call we´ll be making for mothers day i´m still not 100%
sure how its going to be.  they say we can use skype!   but there isnt
internet that works well here in Sabancuy. so i´m going to try and get
permision to call in Cd. del carmen this wednesday or not this tuesday
but the next tuesday.  or if they dont give me permision i´ll be
calling sunday from the church phone and we wont be able to skype.
  basically dont worry about it,  i´ll be calling you this week
sometime  just super briefly to tell you when and where and how we´re
going to do the phone call!  =)

well love you a bunch. have a grand week.  and i´m super excited to
at least be able to hear your voices this week!
much love
elder lloyd