Letter #96 8/06/12! Hey Fam!

Hey fam!

Thanks for the pics! wow slater looks suuuper different!  man i think
i{m going to be suprised when i get back to see how everyones changed.

This weeks went well.  lots of work as usual.  its been a pretty
normal week actually.   we had a lot of lessons this week.  we did
divisions a couple of days with the ward missionaries and the mission
leader.  they{re great guys.  we have like 4 or 5 ward kids that are
preparing to leave on a mission soon. actually one of them is going to
the temple wednesday and we might go with him!!   that would be so
neat.   i havent been to the temple since february or march.

As for the work--  almost all our investigators are passing for some
serious problems, i dont know why but this week it seems like a lot of
problems have come out of no where--  the investigators arent
progressing like we{d like them to.  and it been a bit frustrating
this week.     Its hard when youve been a member your whole life and
you know all the blessing that are going to come to the lives of these
people, but as much as you try to help them theres always opposition!
the good news is we{ve got a lot of investigators to work with and i
know that if we put our confidence in the lord and teach the
investigators to do it too,   he{ll be able to help them resolve their

the good thing is that tomorrow we have a zone conference, and i{m
excited to go and learn more things we can apply with our
investigators this week.    I{m almost certain the conference is going
to focus on helping our investigators reach conversion, inspired
questions, and strong commitments.

we{ve got one family thats been progressing really well, but they{re
just waiting for a birth certificate to arrive from another state so
that they can get married, and then baptized!  their names are Jand M,
and they have two little girls and a 1 year old boy, and
another baby on the way!   they{re super great.  they{ve changed a lot
from when they first met the missionaries and they seem super excited
to continue in the church.

also this week a ward member lent us a keyboard for the apartment!
so i{ve been trying to learn a bit of the piano!  we have a hymn book
with simplified hymns and my goal is to be able to learn a few before
i get back!   hopefully in the next few weeks i{ll be able to practice
and learn a bit!  because when i get back i really would like to get
good at playing the piano. -- at least to be able to play the hymns.
its something i regret not doing before the mish!

well fam. hope youre all doing well and that youre enjoying these last
few days-weeks before school starts!   love ya{ll a bunch!  have a
great week

elder lloyd

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