Letter #95 7/30/12 Villahermosa!

Matt and Elder Garcia

Matt's super clean house!!

And his super clean desk!

hey family,

its good to be writing you this week.

Here i am in Gaviotas Villahermosa.  Its been an awesome week.  I have
to say that once again my testimony that our mission president is
inspired in the transfers has been strengthened.  The lord knew
exactly where i needed to come.    I had been praying for the past
week to be able to go to an area where i could work with all my heart
in these last weeks and this is definitely the place.

Gaviotas is a part of Villahermosa.  There are two stakes here in
villa.  -- Villahermosa stake and the Gaviotas Stake.     its right in
the middle of the city!   its lots of buisnesses lots of apartments
lots of houses.  And the areas still pretty big.  There are plenty of
people to teach.  Theres a ton of traffic though. lots of cars and
lots of taxis.    we are pretty close to the temple and i imagine if
we ask theyd give us permision to go on a P{Day!  super pumped about
that.  The apartment is very nice.  very clean.  we have a toaster,
and a blender WOOT.

My companion is elder muñoz.   He{s from Misouri! his parents are from
south america but he lived in the US all his life.  so he speaks
english and spanish.  He has 1 brother and 1 sister. he has 1 year in
the mish.   He{s a hard worker which i{m enjoying i dont have to be
telling him what to do, he{s one of my first companions that walks
faster than i do haha.  We{ve been working super hard this week and i
already know my area pretty well.  actually 2 days after i got here we
did divisions with some young men in the ward and i didnt have a map
or anything. luckily the city is pretty organized and i could find all
the appointments.    We{ve got a ton of investigators that are
progressing!  some of them have some pretty big problems though---
But i have no doubt that we{re going to see some success in this
month.  we had like 8 investigators in church--- i was so happy ha.
 The ward is big.  116 attended sunday so that was nice.  its the
biggest ward i{ve served in on my mission.  the members seem super
willing to help in the work and thats exciting.

as for me and my comp--- haha. well he{s a bit different than my other
comps.   ha   He{s super super clean. super clean.  there are rules
written on notes all around the house about how to keep things clean.
 he has a rule that we have to take our shoes off every time we enter
and leave---  and i{m not going to lie, the house is SUPER clean, it
was clean before we cleaned for an hour this morning. so now its
spotless.  i could eat off that floor.   --  but he{s super nice.  and
ALWAYS positive. always happy. laughs a lot.  i know the lord sent me with
him because i have a lot to learn from him.   i{ve been thinking a lot in
the talk from the general conference entitled -- special lessons.  and i
truly think the lord has many lessons that he wants me to learn right now.
-- i needed to be more humble.  more happy,  more clean =) but i{m having
fun every day learning from my companion, and from the area, and the
experiences we{re having.

in other news-- my alligator scripture case arrived-- its awesome.
dont worry about it.     and Elder Jepson gave me a new wallet made of
tiger and otter fur-- cool eh?

also- i live in the colony Gaviotas Sur,  in the intersection of
oceanologos and mechanicos! so you can look it up.

well gtg write the pres but hopefully we can chat in a min!
love ya all a bunch
have a great week
-elder lloyd

 ps. i{m not registered to vote

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