Letter #2 10/16/11

Hola mi familia,

i cant believe ive only been here for three days. its the craziest thing of my life.  ive never worked or studied this hard.   ive been so busy.   But anytime i have even a free thirty seconds  [ mostly at night when i'm getting for bed]  i start thinking about home and everything i've left behind.  I've had some pretty crazy home sickness.  I miss you all so much.  when i heard of missionaries coming home from homesickness i was like "wow. babies" before i left. but i can begin to see why its so real.  I'm not coming home though dont you fret.  haha.  i have been struggling though.  i was praying my guts out last night trying to get some help with it and i felt so much peace and comfort. i know the holy ghost is real. i know god has called me to serve, this is where he wants me to be. and he's going to strengthen and help me to overcome any struggles i have while i'm here.  my testimony of the holy ghost is growing as well.  i can feel it so strongly here its amazing.  i love it.   Thanks for the packages. tell ronette thanks soooo much too.  they came right when i had hit a wall with the language,  i went to lunch and had to packages. i was so happy. 
Anyway.  this is the only saturday that i have p day and its only a half p day!  next friday i'll have another P-day.  also, some items of business--- I"m freezing cold at night!! our room is like negative something degrees. to the point its really hard to sleep cus i'm shivering.  if you could send some blankets and i'd just leave them in the mtc that would be sooooo awesome.  thanks. 

so my companions --  i still think they're great and i was definitely meant to be with them.  but seriously they both have some issues.       i heard you printed off my schedule. idk how because every missionary district is different haha.  basically we wake up and go to gym, elder vasquez wrestles so we do some intense ab work outs... hopin to come back with a six pack. then we go to class and meetings with three breaks for meals.  they dont give us much time to study what they're teaching though  which is soooo frustrating.  i still havent studied for the lesson monday. worried about that.  they havent taught us anything like that.  they're kindof expecting us to teach our selves right now it feels like.... that whole 'youll pass up everything in highschool in the first 3 days-- not true if you paid any attention in highschool. i feel leaps and bounds ahead in the language and way behind in the knowing how to teach the gospel part.  so frustrating. but i know i'll get it as i put the time and effort in and rely on the lord.  thats the only way its possible to learn this fast is with some serious help from the lord.  

so in answer to jacksons question.  i havent gained weight yet. but i'm going to holy cow. we eat three big meals and then sit all day. ha no chance i dont gain weight.  the food. no good.  no one in my district likes it. ha. but i eat alot of fruit and i actually eat the main meal they serve. its not like you have 1000 choices like i thought it would be.   you have like  2 but they're different every meal.  and then theres always cereal.  Jackson, i miss you so much. i miss your personality and seeing you smile and laugh. and you making me laugh. i miss you all more than i thought i would.  its crazy. \

Slater-- holy crap!!! no way you made platinum.  i am seriously so jealous.  i'll challenge you to a 1v1 when we get home :)  i hope youre enjoying that phone.  haha.  i'm having cell phone withdrawls too. i can feel vibrations in my legs  sometimes. haha.  i wanna hear more about what  youre doing and how your weeks going slater ater.  i liked that pic at the bottom of the letter you sent me. 

crap. running out of time so i gtg. but i love you all so much.   the mtc is so awesome. i'm gunna love it but i can already tell i cant wait to get out to the field and actually start  doing stuff. bah.  

love you all so much,  cant wait to hear from you again this week. 
love, elder lloyd

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