Letter #1: 10/14/10

Hey Fam,

We just went and got our immunizations checked off today,  and they were unsure about one of my immunization dates,  so they said i could write home and get you to fax or mail in my immunization record sheet.  The fax number is 801 422 0860.  They're conserned about the MMR dates, they said it seems like they were too close together or something. so if you could just mail it in or fax it to them that would be awesome.

idk if they're going to give me time later in the week!  so i'll just tell you everything now!   That first day was so intense.  i was and still am pretty overwhelmed.  But the good thing is they have you so busy every second of the day that there's not much time to think about home or anything.  But i'm still missing you all so much.  just the thought that i'm giving up everything that my life was before for the mission gets me pretty emotional.  I know i had thought about it before but it really wasnt real until now.  i miss you all alot, and i feel waaaaay under qualified for this work, [btw you should tell the priests that it is an absolute must that they know how to give the first lesson in PMG without looking at the book.  because by monday i'm suppose to be giving it in spanish] [yikes] but i know that as i give 100% of my time and energy and even my thoughts to the lord, i'll be able to learn the language and better accomplish his work.  

The mtc is so awesome.  My companions are Elder Vasques, he's from maryland,  he's a really awesome pretty humble, doesnt know anything about spanish just like me so thats good. and he's way easy to talk to. we're getting to know each other pretty well. and i have another companion Elder Chesworth.  he's from PG ha.  He did summer sales and paid for his whole mish.  He's quieter but still way nice. both my companions seem hard working which is good because if i had a lazy companion i'd be so frustrated right now.  also another thing which is cool about elder chesworth is that me and him are related.  haha it was so awesome how we found out. he was talking about oakley utah and i said we had a cabin up by there and he said he did too. i asked him where and he said this place up weber canyon called GLENDALE!!! cool eh.  his great grandparents are the Lakes? if you know who that is.  way awesome.   well hopefully i'll be able to write more saturday. my companions are getting frustrated that i'm taking this long to write my letter.  bah.  i cant beleive i only have half an hour to write everyone. lame lame lame.  owell.

i'll talk to you later then,

love, Elder Lloyd.

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