Letter #4 10/29/10

Dear Family,

Sorry that email was probably sporadic and kinda crazy.  I’ve been SUPER stressed since this whole new district thing started.  I’m so unsure about things.  But I have faith in the Lord that he will help me through anything.

One of the hardest things about changing districts was the fact that after I left home, those elders became my family in a way and I seriously bonded with them.  I didn’t realize I loved them so much.  When I left that district it felt like it did when you dropped me off here.  I felt so alone.  Sooo alone.  In this new district, it’s hard to get close to people.  They’re all way older than me and only speak in Spanish.  I feel alone.  But the thing I’ve realized is that I always have the Lord.  Through hard times and good times, he’ll always be there.  And the good thing is when you’re humble its a lot easier to feel the spirit and receive and realize answers to prayers.  When you pray every day like 1,000,000 times and rely on the Lord for everything, you really come to know how personal your relationship with him can be.

Ok, business – I have a new mailbox number.  So when you send me mail, don’t send it to 308 or whatever you’ve been sending it to.  Send it to 114.  If you can change that on my facebook, that’d be awesome.  

Something else I forgot to tell you in the letter – Tuesday we had another apostle come!  Richard G. Scott.  He talked about recognizing the spirit.  It was sweet.  And it’s super unusual to have 2 apostles come in your first 2 weeks in the MTC.  Apparently it’s average to have 2 come the whole time you’re here.  I’m hoping we’ll be 3 for 3 this next week.  J

So how’s your business going mom?  Are you pretty busy with that?  Were you able to fill all those orders you got from your show?

That was super funny/weird that Sasha started liking Katelyn when I left.  Weird, weird, weird.  Usually she’d bark like crazy anytime Katelyn came over.  How is Sasha doing?

So now that I have a new district, I sleep in a new room.  My roommates are zone leaders so they’re pretty strict about everything.  Actually almost everyone in our zone is pretty obedient to rules.  Its gunna take some getting used to but its gunna be good in the long run!  Sorry this letter is so scatter brained!

Oh, so one cool thing Elder Richard G. Scott told us at the end of his talk.  He was like “If you don’t listen or remember anything else from this talk, remember this – Jesus Christ lives.  I know this because I know him”.  It was intense!  Everyone’s been talking about how the quorum of the twelve prays in the temple every Thursday for the missionaries.  It’s unreal how many prayers are going out for missionaries and future investigators.

Thanks for the laundry instructions.  They will come in handy!  J Well I gtg.  You probably won’t get this till Monday or Tuesday, but I love you all so much.  I’ll email you Tueaday.

Elder Lloyd

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