Letter #6 11/9/2010

Hey family!

hows everything going at home.  its been a pretty crazy week here. it seems like i was just writing you.  but its been a whole week.  i cant believe i've been here for 4 weeks. that doesnt seem right.   i'm sure i'll blink and i'll be in mexico.  maybe. ha. if my visa comes.   i talked to a guy a couple days ago going to villahermosa who hasnt recieved his visa yet and he's been here for 11 weeks.  i wouldnt mind if it didnt come for like 2 weeks and then i'd get to be here for christmas.  i bet christmas will be awesome here. i think someone told me elder holland really likes to come talk to the missionaries around christmas time. 

tell grandma and grandpa lloyd thanks for the package they sent, my district and i have enjoyed the treats.  and thanks mom and dad for that last package. the sobe's were awesome.

ha so my sickness is pretty much better now. i'm feeling really well. i ran two miles the other day during gym time. that was awesome.    but then a couple of nights ago i think i got food poisoning or something because i threw up. but i'm much better now. ha anyway.

so these past 3 weeks we've had 3 apostles elder scott, ballard and nelson.  and i hear from a pretty reliable source tonight is goign to be bednar! pretty awesome eh.  i dont think i could have gotten luckier with the time that i came into the mtc. 

ha so tell slater i havent gotten to be one of those missionaries that picks up the new missionaries yet, but i will probably get to do it once or twice before i leave, maybe more if my visa is delayed.  that would be pretty cool. 

mom i'll get you the scripture for the plaque -- soon :P  i'll send it in my letter deal? deal.  i'd send it right now but i'm down to 3  and i left the list in my binder in my classroom sooooo you'll have to wait.

so i'm starting to learn more about my new companion.  turns out he had quite the past before he came on a mission.  he lived in texas, was bartender at one point, he's been engaged but broke it off,  he got in a street fight one time 2 on 7 and had his car stolen.  ha.  crazy huh.   he's an interesting guy. i dont feel like me and him are very close though. because he doesnt like the whole born and raised in utah thing he says he doesnt really like utah mormons.... yikes.  but whatever.   we've been working on building unity when teaching this week and i think we've progressed.  my spanish is about the same, but i think it will improve this week because we've set some district goals to only speak in spanish for large segments of the day. i think that will really help.  i can totally see myself being able to learn the language if they just sent me down there right now, i think i'd be pretty bad for like a month or two but after that i think i could do it.   i sometimes get frustrated because i cant express myself completely. but i'm really developing patience.  its funny that thats what i gave my farewell talk on eh?   when i was assigned that i was like "patience, psh. lets get real here, i'm going to get in the mtc and just pic it right up."  ---can you say prideful. yep.  haha. but its ok. i've been humbled.  and i know through the help of the lord and on his time table i will be able to accomplish all the things that he wants me to get done.  i feel like this experience in the mtc has really helped me to learn to rely on my father in heaven and jesus christ.  i've prayed more than ever before.  and today when i went to the temple i really felt their love.    i did sealings today for the first time. it was really neat, we were there for over an hour and a half and just as we were about to leave they told us they were low on people and asked if we could do another session of sealings.  it was pretty awesome.  the blessings and promises given to couples being married are pretty sweet.  we could only do sealings for children though as missionaries.   it was really cool i think we ended up being there for 2 and half hours ish. it was a cool experience.

i'm glad you all liked the pictures. i wish i had more.  my new district isnt very down with pictures. especially the companion. haha. but i'm gunna try and get afew :)  send those pics of katelyn, ben and shelby!   ask ben if he got my first letter i sent him. and tell him i sent him another one this morning.  tell rachel whitaker thanks for the letter.

well i'm running out of time yet again.  but i will write a letter... again haha.  i love you guys so much. thank you for the prayers. i love getting your letters.
love elder lloyd

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