Letter #8 11/22/10

hey family!
whats up? how are things going back at home?  i just got your dear elder like 30 min ago and it was good to hear about everything!  This week has been pretty good,  i think, i honestly cant remember much of it ha, its all kind of blurred together. yikes.  but i have definitely seen some progression with the language this week.  i feel pretty more comfortable with it. but i'm still not comfortable enough to just speak it without thinking.  i can understand most of what my teachers are saying though which has honestly been my goal since i moved into intermediate spanish.  i figured if i could just understand, then i could learn to speak it when i got to mexico.  but the lord seriously blesses his missionaries. its incredible.   maybe when i write you i'll write some in spanish!  that'll be cool.  i would in the emails but it would just take way to long and i've got lots to tell.  also, this week i wont be writing you until thursday. so you might not get the letter on friday this week. it might be like monday or tuesday. idk. yikes.   anyway.   stuff thats happened this week-- wednesday the mtc recieved 700 new missionaries -- it was intense. now their are so many ppl here from LP,   i'm getting pics with some of them and sending the card home in my next letter. i talked to kc king and got a pic with him i'll send home.  it kinda feels like i'm in highschool again, only i'm learning about the gospel and i actually pay attention in class, i'm not playing games on a phone or something :)   oh so this is intense.  i have a new companion.   crazy eh?!   me and elder lunt are still companions, but there was this sister missionary in our district that didnt have a companion because there's only one girl in our district, and she's been struggling with not haveing a companion, and the branch president thought it was important that she have a companion, so he assigned her to me and elder lunt's companionship. (i didnt think i'd have a girl companion until after the mission :P) its kindof wierd.  ha.  but good i guess, because she's the best spanish speaker in our district and also the best teacher.  she's from utah,  she's already graduated from college, she got her degree in like teaching or something and she taught at a school for abused children before her mission.  so elder lunt have learned alot from having her in our companionship because she's a way good teacher. 
       Visas--- i've heard alot of different stuff. someone told me Villahermosa missionaries were the next to get their visa's from mexico. another told me there's no way of knowing till a week before.  i havent seen a single mexico missionary go on time though since i've gotten here. the average wait is 2-3 weeks.  allthough i did meet one who'd been here for 16. so that bites.     but my guess is i'll be here for christmas.  if i had to guess...  there really is no way of knowing though.    if i'm here for christmas that'd be grand cus i'd see cade!  which would be sick.   so you wrote shelby?  I"M sooooo glad,  holy cow i've been wanting to write him for forever. but i just dont have the email time or the writing time.  when i get out to the field i'll email him for sure but right now its just hard. i'm glad you did it for me.   you'll have to tell me what he says if he writes back!    also tell ben he needs to write me,  you can facebook him or something, but i havent heard from him in like 3 weeks. also i think my teacher here added me on facebook, so you should accept his request.  his name is hermano galan.  actually his first name isnt hermano. but you should just be able to accept the request.      
     so alittle about my district, there are 10 of us and its wierd how close you get to everyone in your district.  its been awesome, my district has been way accepting since the first day we came in.  they all think i'm a little wierd because of my food issues :) and because of other things, ha like my PJ's i brought and that blacklight dance shirt i brought. idk.  but i really like everyone in my district.  elder lunt and i are getting along very well.   we had a pretty intense companionship inventory the other night and that was good. i think elder lunt has changed alot in the last few weeks, especially this last week spiritually.  i'm seriously glad to have him as a companion. i'm the senior companion- i dont think i told you.    our zoneleaders are sweet, they're my old district leader and his comp.  so they're in our district.  i seriously think they're amazing missionaries.  they're all about obedience with exactness. which is awesome.  every missionary should b e that way.  its only with exact obedience or striving to be exactly obedient that the lord can pour out his blessings upon you.  the more your obedient in the mission field the more your faith grows, the stronger your able to bear testimony. its amazing.  the lord has helped me so much these past weeks and i think its because i've been trying to be as obedient as possible. even to rules that dont seem as important as others.  how are the priests in the ward doing?  man i wish i could just pop by on a sunday and tell them how important missionary work is and how the decision to serve a mission is going to completely change their relationship with the savior and their testimonies of the gospel.  even in the mtc,  you have to turn to the savior and you learn some incredible lessons.

ah 15 seconds left. gtg.  love you all. i'll write thursday. 

love, elder lloyd

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