Letter #5 11/3/10

Dear Family,

Ha!  Sorry I never finish everything I want to say in those emails.  30 min. is not enough time.  My companion wrote 3 emails in that time but they’re like 1 paragraph emails.

Tell Slater I’m sorry he’s not feeling well, that bites.  But that’s way cool he’s still in the platinum league.  20 wins 20 loses, that’s like 40 games.  That’s a ton of free time!  I can’t imagine having that much free time.  Being here makes me realize how completely lazy I’ve been pretty much my whole life.  J  I could have accomplished some serious stuff if I hadn’t slept in till 10 and then played video games all day the past couple months!!  J  Oh well, I’m glad I’ve figured it out here.  There are some missionaries who really don’t know how to work.  All most every we have about 4 hours of MDT time – “Missionary directed time”, where we decide what we study and a lot of missionaries don’t use that time very well.

I have a really hard working district now.  My district leader is way cool.  When he prays it’s unbelievable.  When I came in, the very first day, he sat down and prayed with me and his companion, and he said some powerful things that really helped me want to stay in the district.  He’s kinda an obedience with exactness kind of guy, which I like.    And our mish president told us to “walk with a purpose”, so my district leader speed walks / jogs everywhere.  It’s funny.  I think I’ve gotten to know him more than my companion.

Oh, so I don’t think I told you but we watched this talk by Elder Bednar.  One of those “only available to missionaries ones”.  It was unreal.  He started out the talk by saying he was going to answer a question a lot of members wonder about.  “How do you know if it’s the spirit and not just you.”  We were expecting something different than how he answered the question.  He said, “quit worring about it.  You be a good boy.  You be a good girl.  Remember your covenants.  Keep the commandments, and the Lord will guide your steps without you even knowing it.”  He then spent the rest of his talk talking about things that the spirit has prompted him to do that he didn’t know were spiritual promptings at the time, but realized it later in life.

Us missionaries get pretty lucky with the amount of spiritual information that is available.  Well, I gtg.  But I love you guys.  Hope you have a great week.


Elder Lloyd

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