Letter #10 12/07/10

Hey family, 
Whats up?   hope youre all having a great week.  i'm telling you weeks are so fast here i cant believe it. it feels like i just got here and now i'm getting ready to leave. wierd wierd wierd.    so i wish i could tell you exactly when i'll be calling but honestly i have no idea when that will be. they tell you nothing here ha.   sometimes they give missionaries like 18 hour warning before they get shipped out.    but this is exciting ----   I have my permiso from the mexican consulate. which means i have permision to get a visa.  ha which means i will most likely be leaveing within two weeks.  most likely.  i could even be on time. which would be unheard of.  Elder lunt is the first missionary leaving on time to mexico apparently since May.  but before i do that they have to ship me up to the Mexican consulate in Salt lake.  and thats really what we're waiting on right now.   because the mtc cant just take up everyone who has a permiso to the consulate. the consulate has to call the mtc and ask for you to be shipped up. its a really wierd process. but the big news is i'll most likely be leaving before christmas!      but mostlikely not on time.  which is good cus if i'm not in the mtc for christmas i get to call home.   and if i dont leave on time i get to see cade!! so its the best of both worlds.        

speaking of christmas, i put up the tree you sent. haha. thanks for that. and i shared jackson and slater's christmas list with my district, they thought it was so funny.  especially slater asking for a LP ball sack.  they didnt know what that meant. :) haha.  anyway.  i personally enjoyed that ultimatum at the bottom of the christmas list. ha smooth.        also thank you for the pb and j sandwich making materials.   they have been very good at times when what they were having for dinner doesnt look so good. 

ok so you asked about my health!   i havent thrown up again :)   i'm doing well. you dont need to worry about me. i personally think its just stress related stomach acid or somthing like i used to have  when i was younger.   this is a pretty stressful enviroment. and i'm always always trying to improve myself and do better and work harder so my guess is its just stress.   i'd give you more details about the pains in my stomach but its been like a week and a half or whatever since i threw up so i cant really remember the specifics :)    i'll be good though, if anything happens i'll go to the doctor. dont you worry about that.         also -side note- i definitely need you to get another perscription for my anti-going bald medication :)  i'll run out of pills by friday of this week! sorry i waited so long to tell you. woops.      speaking of hair.   ha.  i'm getting my first mtc hair cut today.    slightly nervous.  yikes.  my district is pretty pumped to see it though ha. they think its pretty funny (my male pattern baldness)  i'll send you a pic after i get it cut this week :)   haha.    

if i dont leave this week. i'll be getting a new companion. it'll most likely be my old zone leader who i thought was awesome. unless he gets his visa. in which case i may move to an advanced district!! how crazy would that be.    its not likely though. most likely if i had to bet, i'll be here an extra week and i'll be with my old zone leader.    elder lunt is going to Veracruz by the way.  and hermana randall is going to bolivia. 

The language is coming well. welllll as well as it can in the mtc.   idk.  I just want to get to mexico and just speak it 24/7.  then i'll pick it up way fast i'm guessing.  the first month is gunna be hard.  i'm already getting ready for  that. but i really thing the lord will help me to pick up the language fast so i can get to work teaching.  the only things i'm really worried about are the food and the bugs.  yikes.  

This week has been really good.  i learned some cool stuff. i started studying my scriptures differently this week. i now keep a study journal and summarize each chapter and write down thoughts and stuff.  its pretty cool. oh and i'm reading jesus the christ.   that book is unreal.   also had some really cool teaching experiences this week. we taught a guy in the TE that didnt believe in god. and it was pretty sweet because we had shared our message with him and he just wasnt getting it, but my companions and i just kept bearing testimony and the spirit was way strong. i think the spirit is sometimes the strongest when you're defending your beliefs.      

  i just got back from the temple like an hour ago.  it was way nice.  i love going  to the temple every week.   i dunno if we can do that in the field. my guess is not.   but i've seriously loved it here.  i hope to go a ton when i get back. 

you asked in your letter if sundays are way different here.    they're way different than other days of the week.  but they're alot like sundays at home.  except your in you sunday clothes all day.    we go to sacrament meeting and preisthood meeting. and then at nights we have a fireside with someone cool. like this week it was sister beck from the general releif society presidency. actually no she came tuesday,   sorry, my mind just puts it all together. our sunday fireside was the christmas devotional that the first presidency does. if you guys havent seen that you should get on to lds.org <http://lds.org>  as a family and watch it.  its seriously awesome.   the choir sang one of my fav christmas hymns.  "what shall we give"  its awesome.     and then all the first presidency spoke and they were all incredible.       also on sunday we get to go on a temple walk up to the temple and its really really cool because there are like 100's of missionaries walking around the temple grounds and i love it because its a good excuse to leave the mtc grounds :)

well family, my time is once again running out.  tell my grandparents i love them, and tell mechams and kilbournes i love them too. cant wait to call home.

love you all.

-elder lloyd

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