Letter #12 12/27/10

Hey familia, it was really good to talk with you all saturday!  wow it was good to hear your voices, of all the things i miss most about the US, talking with my family is the thing i miss the most.  Which is why that present you sent was so great.  I loved hearing from you all. and the people from the ward too.   WHen do you want me to send back the tape,  do you want me to wait for a while or are you thinking i should send it back like next week.  what would you perfer that i do with it_

Christmas was definitely differen. we spend most of hte day visiting in active members and trying to find people to teach.  We were so tired that night.  REally we{re dead tired every night.  Everynight at about 10.25 i get into bed and I{m always aleep before 10.30  most nights i fall asleep less than a min after gettinging in bed.   i thought the mtc was tiring   it was spiritually, mentally and emotionally. but we were sitting all day ha.  the field is more tiring with all those other things and on top of that, we{re walking around all day.  my legs feel like they{re going to fall off.  baha.  i should have excersised better before i left instead of playing nintendo 64 for hours haha.

Suday was good too. we didnt end up having to teach.  but there were only 6 priesthood holders in the building, including me and my companion.  yikes.  this ward is really weak.  really weak. there are soooo many inactive people. people who havent come in years.   over 100 people id say are inactive.    somtimes i think maybe its a good thing we{re not baptising because this ward is so weak already.  we{ve visited  like 3 houses that have said the reason they stopped coming was beacause they didnt feel like hte other members of the ward cared about them.   The bishop doesnt thing the men in the ward would do home teaching if he gave it to them so they just dont assign it here.  yikes yikes yikes.  it  would help strengthen their ward so much.  those being visited and those doing the visiting tambien. 

sunday afternoon it rained for like 5 hours.  it was terrible because we didnt have any appointments because of christmas and we were just walking around in the rain trying to find an inactive member to visit.  eventually we found an old man who hasnt been attending because he has an injured leg.  and we taught him and his family.   ha people around here are so funny when it gets cold.   it was probably 75 degree{s farenhieght.  everyone was in pants coats scarves.  so funny. and i got some funny looks because i was wearing short sleeves. 

anyway.  at times it can be frustrating here because the other elders in our zone are having lots of success and baptisms and we{re not having the same success and we{re working really hard.   we are however having other successes.  lots of success contacting.  and yesterday we found a lady who{s son had investigated teh church. she has a book of mormon. has read from it lots and believes its true,  she also believes joseph smith was a prophet.  but she hasnt been to church because she doesnt believe its important, ha so now we{re working w- her  and we{re going to visit that guy who found us in the street tonight.  pretty pumped for that.  i{ll tell you how it goes next week. 

 at times its easy for me to get depressed and feel like we{re not having success, because we{re no keeping up w- the mission standard of baptisng every week.  but i know if we{re obedient and we{re giving 100 percent effort and we{re praying for the help of the lord, we{re going to see some success.    a lot of times true success isnt measured with the number of baptisms anyway.  in preach my gospel it has a whole section about measuring your succes based on effort, and whether or not your teaching with and following hte promptings of the spirit. 

well i dont have much time!  i{d tell you what i want in my package, but i honestly dont have any idea. ha    maybe peanut butter and those protien bars for sure.  but other than that, idk  surprise me!  ha sorry i really cant think of anything specific.  i{ll create a list of stuff i want for the next package.    i hope everyone is doing well.  tell all the extended family that i love them so much.  and that really one of the greatest reasons i{m here on my mission is to help other families to be able to have the same thing we have. i love how close i am with my cousins and all my aunts and uncles. and my grandparents.  i love the peace that the plan of salvation brings to the family.  that we can be together -despues de esta vida, para siempre- 

thats great that ben and landon are working on there papers.  i{m soooooo excited to see where they{re going  soooooo excited.  i hope they both come here.  that would be prime.  i want to be both their companions!!

well i gtg, i love you all.

elder lloyd, yoyd or loid.      haha.   loid is the only way i can write it and have people say it correctly


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