Letter #9 12/1/10

hola familia, 

whats up?  hows everything going back home.   it was good to get your letters this past week.  i think i sent home two letters last week so be excited for that, and i think one of them has my camera card in it so be excited for that. but please send it back w/ the pics still on it so some of my district can get copies of some of the pics.    also in one of the letters is a letter from my district to you guys that they wrote without telling me and then gave it to me to send.   man i love my district. they are awesome. all of them.   we have such a good time.  we laugh and joke around at times. but seriously our district is one of the more focused districts at the mtc. we use our time very well.  i think we've seriously progressed since we got here. even myself. i wrote you part of my letter in spanish. so be excited for that.  this week has been really good with thanksgiving and everything.  thanksgiving was incredible.  elder holland came and talked with us which was awesome.  i love hearing him speak.  he is one seriously bold speaker, i wrote alot about that in the letter i sent you.   you can feel the spirt very strongly when he speaks,  i think everyone in the crowd was moved to action. of course i feel that way at every devotional, the speakers are incredibly motivating. and we have two a week. i love it, thats probably the thing i'll miss most about the mtc.   we've had 6 apostles since i've arrived here. i'm seriously one lucky guy.  if i'm here till christmas i'll for sure get one or two more.    
    i'm so excited to have cade come.  that'lll be so fun. i'm going to do my best to be one of the people who escorts new missionaries that day.  you should figure out what time cade is getting dropped off and i'll see if i can volunteer :)  that would be seriously cool.   ah cade is seriously going to love it here.  its alot of work.  but really-- the longer your hear the longer you realize its not work, its an opportunity for us to improve our knowledge and testimony of the gospel.  and it really does becomes something your just pumped to do all day.  yesterday we were planning a lesson for one of our progressive investigators over at the teaching evaluation center  (basically every teacher at the mtc goes over to this place for a few hours every week and you can sign up for them to be a fake investigator, and they never come out of character, its pretty awesome.  and then you sign up repeatadly and then its kindof like teaching someone out in the field)    anyway, we were preping this lesson. and we got all these stories and it was just all fitting together and it was just so exciting.  hermana randall and i were freaking out because we're pretty pumped to give the lesson.  but ya, it really does become just more fun/something you want to do than work.   you can tell this to the priests -- there are no sacrifices made to serve a mission -- only investments.  that is said alot here.  because its so true, everything that is given us in this life is from the lord.  therfore we have nothing that is truly ours to give up.  and by serving a mission and giving your time to the lord,  he blesses you more than you can even imagine. so its an investment, not a sacrifice.   anyway. so you probably wanting to know about my companionship -- elder lunt and hermana Randall and I are getting along well. we work pretty well as a team. i think there is a reason the gospel is preached in two's though,  teaching in three is hard to be unified.  sometimes one person wants to take the lesson one way and one wants to take it another.  but we do a pretty good job as a companionship of working together.  elder lunt got his visa, so he will be leaving on the 13th almost for sure.  which is cool.   i can see how much he's changed from the start. he's had some pretty big challeges to get over these past few weeks, but i think he'll be a great missionary.   
the other person in my companionship -- hermana randall, (we're not suppose to call her a companion, we're suppose to say she's in our companionship haha, i think its funny. ) she fits in really well in our companionship. she's from logan utah and she's going to bolivia, she leaves in two weeks for sure, she has her visa and everything.  
oh snap i had like 40 more things to write you about.  i guess i'll write you a letter again, yikes. cant wait till i'm in the field and i dont have a time limit.    oh and thanks for the pb and j  it made me sooooo happy hahaha :)  i love it. but next time you can just send like 6 peices of bread cus i can reallly only find like 3 or 4 meals to eat it and the bread will go bad otherwise. also thank grandma for sending rolls. i loved them, especially w/ honey

ahhhh gtg.  love you

elder lloyd

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