Letter #19 02/14/11 hola de mexico & pics & video too!!!!

hey family!
whats up?  how are things going back in the states!  ah. it was good
to hear from jackson this week.
sounds like lacrosse is pretty rough ha.  i remember all that stuff.
but it sounds like your conditioning might be even harder than it was
last year. because we just ran a lot. sounds like youre doing a bunch of
other stuff too!!  i want to see some pics of your games!    glad alls
well with the family this week. oh my heavens! thank you for the
package.  i pretty much was desperately hoping that you would send
muchas granola bars and protein bars so basically it was perfect!!
but i{m excited to get the other.  i sent you a package you{ll
probably get it next week by like wednesday so be excited for that.
it only has pics in it though.  and one of my schedules again!!
 i was glad to hear that C is going to serve a mission! ah. i love
it when someone makes the effort to get themselves ready for the
mission. even if it takes a little bit extra time.  its never too late
to make the decision to change your life!  ah.  i have to admit one of
my biggest fears is to come back home and have a friend or two who
arent in the church anymore.  ah.  seria terrible!     i{m here
sharing my testimony with people everyday and i{m really seeing it
change peoples lives.
this past week has been pretty dang busy.    i think when i wrote you
last week it was after having a week of really little success.   well,
i wrote you lunes. and then tuesday we had our meeting with the
mission president and it was basically incredible. man. he is pretty
much one of the most incredible guys i{ve met.  and i{ve only been
around him a couple days of the mission.  he knows the scriptures like
i{ve never seen anyone know them before.  he can look at you and know
what scripture the lord wants you to know.  i went contacting with him
and my companion just for a few contacts and he would say --J, this
is what the lord wants you to know in this instant-- and he shares a
scripture and its seriously powerful.    ----- but anyway. so we had
our interview with him. and in the interview he told me that we need
to stop thinking so small.  our meta para este mes es 3 bauptismos.
and when we told him that. he was like -- you could do 30 if you
want.  but you have to put in the effort.  so basically we{ve decided
to up our game.  elder tlachi and i were both really really really
pumped to work after our interview, but sadly the next day i left for
an overnight trip to villahermosa to sign some documents having to do
with my visa. and basically that used up a bunch of our time.  because
i didnt come back till thursday in the night.  but thursday night we
set some goals for the rest of our time here in coatzacualcos and also
for this coming week.  our goal is going to be 30 people with
bauptismal dates set by the end of the next 3 weeks!  and we{ve been
really praying for  the help of the lord with this.  but if we ask the
lord to help us with something, we have to be willing to do our part.
so we didnt take a P.day today.  just an hour to go and buy our food
for the week and do our laundry and back to work.  we{re hoping to see
some serious success and break this streak of not having much success.
well i asked you to ask me about putting a baptismal date with our
family of gold,  -- yikes.  we tried again,
but they said its too soon and they want to attend church more first.
but that they want to be baptised.  so basically we were pumped
because all of htem said they{d come to church. and also all the other
appointments we had during the week we invited the people to baptism
and also to church.  and when sunday came we were really excited
because we thought that we{d have like  20.  more than ever before. we
had called people. visited them all the day before. and we had all
these people that had said they were for sure going to come. and then
we had 1 in the chapel. ah it was depressing.  because the reunion
sacramental, is like game day.  we work all week so we can have people
in sacrament meeting. but mostly we{ve set some good goals for this
coming week and i{m just excited to keep working.  idk,  i think this
areas been a bit of a test of my patience. haha.  pero esta bien.  i
know that the lord wants us to have these baptisms.  but we have to
have the faith and put for the effort.  so thats what we{re working
for right now!! =)

so other stuff thats happened this week--
so L!! oh snap!    so i think i told you that he had his dad
that he had to take care of every day for like the past year.
well. his dad died this week. and he called us up and was telling us
how grateful he was for teaching him the plan of salvation.  ah!!!! it
was great. and we visited him sunday and taught him about baptisms for
the dead. he was way excited about it and said he wanted to be
baptised for his father. and we told him he would need to be baptised
first. and i think he said something like --ah, i{ll have to think
about it-- .. but we{re pretty pumped for him.  we{re starting
to see many many people that the lord has prepared for us.
we found 7 new investigators last week and then yesterday we found 4
more. so basically we{ve got a lot of people to teach and we{re pretty
excited to see them all progress in the gospel!

--- ok so jackson will like this.   and mom dont freak out =)
so we went to the house of an investigator this week! and its one of
these apartments where it has one door on the street that opens us to
like 10 more apartments. and we knocked the door on the street and
asked for our investigator and this guy comes out and is like-- no one
by that name lives here!  and we were like-- oh, she lives in the
apartment 2 or 3 past yours, we{ve already taught her afew times-- and
this guy just walks away into his house, and comes out again with a
gun!!! ,,, ah!  and he{s like -- i dont think you understand me.  no
one by that name lives here. and we dont want to see your faces around
here ever again. -- and we were like -- ah alright. have a nice day.--
haha.  but the thing was our investigator lives right there, and we
cant teach her w-o going past this house. so we called our
investigator and she came out on the street for us to teach her. ha.
it was pretty tense.

well i gtg. but i love ya! sorry this week the letter wasnt grand. but
i didnt have much time to think about it all! ha.  but alls well here{
things with my companion are great.  we{re working hard!  hope alls
well at home.
love ya.ll
elder lloyd--

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