Letter #21 02/28/11 hola de mexico

hola familia!
como esta!,  gracias muchas para sus email-s!     it was good to get
to chat with you all a little bit last week.  i{m glad you liked the
video and the pics i sent.   from the pics you sent me looks like
there was a lot of snow up at the cabin! sounds like you all had a
good time there.    glad to hear jacksons conditioning is over and
they{re actually having practices reales.  i really want to see some
pics of this!  and also pics of slaters play!!  oh also good to hear
about kamerons getting into BYU !!!  i was pretty much so pumped when
i heard.  when he gets back from his mish we can party it up at byu!

so this week has been really good but it started out terribe
though.  ah.  monday night after i emailed you our baptismal date
with K fell through and she said she didnt want to be baptised
anymore.  so that was pretty bad, and the next day our baptismal date
with M fell through also because he hasnt recieved an answer to
his prayer --- mostly he definitely has he just doesnt want to admit
it yet-- yikes.  so basically that tuesday night I was pretty
depressed and so was elder tlachi.  the next day all our investigators
were telling us that we looked exhausted. and i can honestly say i{ve
never felt more exhausted physically and spiritually. ah. it was bad.. ha.     but the
next day in the morning we prayed for a chance to speak with K sometime during the day.  and this was a stretch because she works a
ton and arrives at the house usually at like 8 or 9 at night.     but
we prayed that we{d have another chance to resolve her doubts. and
a few hours later the people who we were scheduled to eat with called
us and told us that they had something that they had to do and we
couldnt come to their house, but that they had paid for us to go eat
at a restaurant nearby.   and i turns out that K works at this
restaurant ha. it was pretty sweet.  we went to lunch and K told
us to visit her at her house that night because she was going to get
off early.  so we went that night and turns out her doubt was that she
didnt want to lose some of the traditions that she had in the catholic
religion.  aparently they have pretty cool parties.   yikes.    but we
taught her and at the end of the lesson she said she wanted to be
baptized.    ha.  so we called our district leader and he came and
gave her an interview and then that saturday we baptized her! woot!
elder tlachi and i were basically going crazy at how rapidly the lord
answered our prayers.   so in church yesterday she was confirmed
and our new family of gold and M came to church.  it was really
great.  all the members were incredible this week. they were all
ridiculously friendly with our investigators. i think there are people
from the ward who are planning to visit them during the week without
us ha.   so we{re pretty excited about that.
but this week we hope to work with M and hopefully baptize him at
the end of the week.  we{ve got a plan to help him receive an answer
to his prayers so we{ll see if it all works out.
but this new family is so perfect.  their names are E and A.  they{re basically dirt poor. but soooo perfect.
we havent talked with them about baptism but probably in the next few
we{ve got a chance of having transfers this week. they{re going to
call us sunday night. so i{ll tell you about that in the next letter!!

other things -- havent received the package yet. but hopefully in the
next few weeks-- no ones came from villahermosa in a long time.
but ya just keep sending those protien bars.  haha.  and poptarts!

well i{m going to send my president an email now.  but i love you all.
talk to ya next week!
-elder lloyd

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