Letter#18 02/07/11 hey hey hey

hola familia,
como estas?  espero que todo este bien en utah, me gusto sus cartas.
muchas muchas gracias por escribirme!   digale a grandma que la carta
que ella me envio, me hizo muy feliz.  estaba muy feliz para tener un
carta de ella!  no habia oido de grandma y grandpa por muchas semanas.
  estoy feliz que todo esta bein con ellos.  se escucha como ellos
estan un poco ocupado este semana con cosas con la casa!  definamente
quiero ver fotos cuando todo esta cumplido.
pues,  yo habia planiado a escribirles totalamente en español esta
semana. pero realamente no tuve tiempo hoy para pensar sobre que quise
decir en este carta y escribirlo en español.   tenemos entravistas
mañana con el presidente! entonces, hoy tuvimos que obtener cortes de
cabello y hacer un buen de otras cosas para preparar.

hello family,
how are you? I hope that all is well in utah, I like your letters.  thank
you very much for writing to me! Tell grandma that the letter they sent me
made me very happy. I was very happy to have a letter from them! I haven't
heard from grandma and grandpa for many weeks. I am happy that all is good
with them. it sounds like they were a little occupied last week with things
with their house!  I definitely want to see photos when everything is
finished. I had planned to write totally in Spanish this week. but in
reality I did not have time today to think about what I wanted to say in
this letter and to write it in Spanish. we have interviews tomorrow with the
mission president!  So today we had to get haircuts and to do a lot of other
things to prepare.

well enough of that.  haha.  i also was planning on writing landon ben
and shelby this week but i just didnt have the time today.  maybe next
week!  this week has been really good.  well. idk.  not really
really good but good.  ive learned a lot.   this week we
changed the way we contact personas en la calle (people in the street.)  and
its been working really really really well.  we{ve had a ton of success this
week. we{ve had set appointments with people we{ve found for almost every
hour of every day. its been pretty legit. but the problem is these
people tell us,  i{ll be there tomorrow at 4 -- and then they arent
there. its so frustrating.  we{ll be like - can we come by your house
tomorrow at 6- and they{ll be like - oh ya, for sure- and we ask them-
and for sure youre going to be there-  and they{re like -- ya for
sure-  and then there{s no one there when we go. ah so frustrating. we
had more plans this week than any other week. but we had less
lessons than every other week because people are a bit flake-y
ha.  yikes.   but its been good. we{re doing our part. working really
hard. and praying for the lord to help us with the rest.   we{re
hoping that this week was just a bit of a trial of patience.   }

we had a pretty cool experience with prayer the other day.  we had
a couple of citas (appts) fall through and we were pretty depressed so we
went back to the house and said a prayer and in the prayer we promised the
lord all the things we were going to do to have success and then asked
him to help us find a family.   and then we left the appartment and
went out into the street and the first person we contact says that we
should definitely come by his house.  and that if he{s not there, his
family will definitely want to listen to us.   ha basically we about
exploded. because families are so hard to find.  but ya needless to say
we{ve visited this guy a couple of times.  he has lds pictures in his
house.  but no one is a member. ha.  he has book of mormon pictures in
his house because his dad helped construct the chapel in this area.
but we havent taught them a lesson yet because this weeks been pretty
busy. but i{ll tell you how things go with that this next week.
basically this week i learned the importance of promising the lord
things in our prayers.  its funny that mom learned about prayer this
week too.  ha.   cuz really i{ve seen such a huge difference since
i{ve started actually making promises with the lord for each day.  the
lord answers prayers much faster when nosotros (we) promise to do our part.
 my companion and i are excited for the work this week.
next week you need to ask me how things went with setting baptismal
dates with our investigators.  because this is where wer{re
struggling.  we have so many people who want to be baptized and really
understand the seriousness of the convenant, but because they
understand that its so serious, they want more time before they{re
baptized.  this week my companion and i are going to work on setting
actual baptismal dates with these people. and then helping them work
towards these dates.  my companion and i really want to have 3
baptisms por the end of this mes. (month).  M, J, and C are doing great. we ate breakfast with them
this morning.  they are so great. and so ready for baptism.  but like
i said. they just really need someone to push them towards baptism.

side note-- i checked my wieght-- i am 150 pounds. so ive lost 2
pounds since the mtc!

we taught a guy named L this week.

anyway... ha. sorry.  L is the father of his family. he{s like 49 i
think or something like that.  and we can only teach him 1 time a
week. but he is seriously good.  he reads everything we leave for him
to read and more.  you can really tell the people who are --chosen--
because they hear the message we have, and recongnize the importance
of the things we{re teaching and want to hear more.

alright. other things i wanted to tell you this week.
-i forgot to tell you, but pretty much since i{ve arrived here in
mexico, ive been obsessed with my teeth.  ha pretty much i brush and
floss my teeth without fail 3 times a day. without fail. ha.   i have
this massive fear of the dentists here ha.  there are some people here
with some seriously horrible teeth problems.  holy cow.  there arent
many people who have a whole mouth of teeth.  i{m excited to start
taking those calcium pills that you sent.
i havent received the package yet but most likely tomorrow because the
President is coming and he usually brings the packages.
- another thing thats interesting - the police here are terrible ha.
they steal from the borachos  - the drunk people-  ha.   they arrest
them and then take all the money in their wallets and let them go.
ha. i saw it happen the other night with my companion.  i asked him if
we should do something and he said basically that happens every day.
ha. yikes.
- this week i ate the skin of a pig.  it was gross.

well thats all i{ve got for this week.  but seriously thank you so
much for the letters that you guys send. i love hearing whats going on
back in utah.  tell slater and jackson and sasha that i love them so
much. and you too mom and dad =)
-elder lloyd

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