Letter #40 07/11/11 Hey Ya'll!

hey fam.

hows it going in powell!!!   i hope you{re all having tons of fun!  it
feels a little bit weird not being there to be honest and knowing
youre all there,  i cant remember a year without lake powell.  super
weird.   oh well.  i guess this is 1 of 2 trips to powell i{ll miss
out of the way.  idk if you{ll read this while youre at lake powell,
but if you do,  tell jackson to give kam a good push off the tube for
me =)  haha.     no i{m just kidding.  but i seriously hope youre all
doing well and that no ones too sunburned yet and that all the boats
are working well and everything. last year was a bit of a bummer with
our boat!  i hope you got it all working!!

this weeks been good.  we had another conference with the
mission president.  ah he{s such an incredible guy.  and satans
hitting him pretty hard right now.  his brother got shot the other
day! and he{s in pretty bad condition so keep him in your prayers.

turns out my companion didnt get changed so we{re here together for
another 6 weeks. ha. mostly i{m just going to
focus on making sure i{m doing everything that i should be doing.
being obedient.  and giving all i{ve got.  the mission president told
me i need to focus on diligence, obedience, and love for everyone that
i come in contact with this transfer so those are my goals.

we{ve got some pretty good investigators.  we{ve got 3 that could be
baptized not this saturday but the next so we{re really working hard
there.  they came to church this last week and really liked it so i{m
pretty excited about that!
-other random stuff that happened this week
   -someone broke into the chapel here in Carmen.  the leaders of the
church here didnt even call the police.  they said that it
happens all the time.  but they cant actually take anything.    i
think the robbers actually went away with like 16 pesos or something
like that. thats like a dollar and fifty cents.   but they did some
substantial damage to the building getting in which is too bad.

  -- i talked with elder tlachi this week by phone.   he{s doing super
well. and he{s going to be a zone leader now! cool eh? what a cool
guy.  i hope i can be his companion again later in the mish! that{d be
sweet. maybe when we{re both in the offices.  idk. it{d be cool

well i gtg.  thanks so much for taking the time to write me even
though you were super busy getting ready for lake powell.
love ya all.
stay safe.
-elder lloyd

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