Letter#42 07/25/11 Hey Family!!

hey family.

that was awesome to recieve letters from all of you this week and from
grandpa and grandma, and read about landon.   thanks for writing me.
i liked jacksons summer schedule,  sounds pretty good to me! ha.   and
it sounds like slater and everyone had an awesome time at space
camp.  i´m pretty jealous about that, not gonna lie.   ha.  but i
liked the pics.    did they win their mission?      you can tell
slater that yes i get his letters and jackson that the weirdst thing
i´ve eaten was cow stomach.  i´m looking forward to eating iguana
though,  apparently they eat that sometimes here.  i hear a missionary
here will eat it on average like 4 times in his mission.      also we
found out that we´ve probably eaten dog.     its a pretty big problem
around here.  because most of the food shops are self owned and dog
meat is really really cheap because there are like 100´s of dogs just
running around in the streets.  so these buisnesses will just kill the
dogs and give you the food w-o you knowing it! yikes.  its illegal but
that doesnt stop anyone in mexico-- yikes eh?


this weeks been pretty good.  we found some new people who i
seriously thought were going to come to church this week.  man they
were super excited and said they were coming.  They all have cars
so we werent even going to have to pass by to pick them up.  but
only 1 of 13 came.  so frustrating.   ha.   i think we´re going to have to
send members to pass by their houses in the mornings or something.
because i know once these people go the first time it wont be a
problem, they´ll want to come more and more.  but we just have to
put in the effort to get them there.

my comp got sick this week.  well yesterday.  he had a fever.   I think
he´s feeling better now.  i dunno.  i think he might have just been
tired.  but whatever it was he didnt want to leave the house yesterday
and slept most the day.    but we got to watch the 24th of july
broadcast from the tabernacle choir which was cool.   they announced
it as a pioneer broadcast and so we were going to bring investigators,
but we didnt have time to invite anyone cuz my comp was sick.   but
its probably better that we didnt invite anyone because it was
seriously just straight 4th of july songs and songs about how legit
the united states is.  there were like 2 pioneer songs ha.  it was
kind of awkward actually  because we were there with all mexicans
and it was just like silent haha.

glad to hear moms camp went well.  i´m hoping all goes well with dads
this week!  and that those boys can have an awesome spiritual

we might have a baptism this week,  if not this week for sure the next
one.   his names J.  he´s super super awesome.  his wife is a
member, but he´s never listend to the missionaries.  we´re teaching
him and he´s very ready.  only problem is he´s one of those people
who thinks they have to know like 100 scriptures of the bible and be
able to recite them all or something before he can be baptized.  but
we´ve been praying a ton with him and i think he´ll be baptized this

anwyay.  love ya.
-elder lloyd

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