Letter #39 07/04/11 Hey Hey Hey!!

hey fam!

mostly i{m pretty jealous of you all right now! up at the cabin, going
to parades and rodeos!!  that sounds like a ton of fun!   sounds like
you guys are going to have a pretty busy july!!  but thats good. i
hope you all have a ton of fun up there and at lake powell next week.
i have to say thats one of the things i{m going to miss the most this
year! lake powell!!

today we got together with all the companionships in the zone and
went to dairy queen!   it was the 2 year anniversary of one of the
elders joining the church! imagine that! with less than two years in the
church he decided to serve a mission!! he has like 4 months in the
mission!   geez.  i think its pretty crazy.   but we all ate ice cream and
then sang the usa national anthem -- our zone is mostly gringos.   i think
there are 2 or 3 mexicans and everyone else is from the united states.

to answer your questions--
my shoes are holding up well.  yes it rains every day and my shoes
usually get wet inside and out.  but  they are always dry by the next
day.   idk.  boots would be nice but that would be a big pain to send
them all the way here wouldnt it?    i did get your other package this
week.  oh my oatmeal cream bars!!! i was soo happy! and i{m also very
grateful for the towels you sent!    one thing that you could send are
those symphany bars.  the chocolate usually does melt a little getting
here,  but i just keep the whole package in the fridge so everything
is nice and cold.

this week we had a zone conference with the mission president!   we
talked a lot about contacting and how at times we forget the reason why
we contact.  they ask us to do 140 per week.  thats 10 per day per
companion.  which doesnt sound like a lot. but it seriously feels like
a ton at times.  but it really only feels like a ton because we forget
at times why we are doing it.   we talked a ton in the conference
about how every contact is a moment that you{re giving that person to
receive a personal message from a representative of jesus christ.
whether or not the person accepts -- really isnt our problem.  if we
listen to the spirit in every contact and try to tell the person what
the lord would tell them if he was there in front of him.    and at
times its hard because youre super super tired and to do an effective
contact requires energy.   but my companion and i are going to work
really hard this week to do better in our contacts!! and make them
more full of the spirit, to do our contacts more like the lord would do
them, so that every person with whom we speak has the best opportunity
to accept the invitation of the lord to come unto him.

this might be my last week with elder romero.  he has a ton of time in
this area.  about as much time as i had in my last area.    so he
might be getting transferred.      The president gets
mad at him every time he sees him because my companion wont
put a good part in his hair.    ha the president wants us all to look like
david a bednar.  ha.

but anyway.
have a great week.  be safe at powell!!!  have tons of fun!
-elder lloyd

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