Letter #50 9/19/11 Hey Familia!!

Here's Matt's email, and first, a quick "chat" with his gangsta brothers.

>>> Your bros say, "Yo yo yo, Homes!  Wassup?"

>> not much dogs,  just chillin. whats bin crakin in your hood?
>> jacksons got his first date all set up right  ?? geez thats cool

> "Not much, G.  The usual biz.  Yeah - Homecoming this weekend."

woot woot, knucks up trickster-    jacksons got game---
you{ll have to send mi a pic of the dance!

hey ya´ll
hows it going.
this week has been super great here in puerto real.
geez it was good to read your letters.   so pumped for jackson
about his date. woot.  Ill be excited to see how that goes.  whens
homecoming?? should be pretty soon here right? homecoming was one of
my favorite dances i went to! i hope he has a ton of fun!!
and thats awesome that slaters thinking about being a goalie.   if he
does we{ll basically have all the most important parts of a lacross
team. when i get back we{ll be able to have fun practicing, me trying
to score on jackson and slater ha.

well this week has been super super good.   this sunday we had 5
investigators in church. and i was way pumped for all of them.   i{m
not sure if i{ve told you about a lady we{re teaching named E.
we{re teaching her and her two daughters.   they{re so good.  we
found them contacting.  i felt we should go and contact a colony that
i{d never been to and we went and the first door we knocked was
theirs.   they{re great.   they{ve been going through some rough times
as a family. especially between the husband and the wife. but they
came to church and really liked it.   also we had a lady we found
named D. who has had some doubts about joseph smith, but she
decided to come to church and had a really great experience so i{m
pretty pumped for them.   A was sick so she couldnt come to
church, but she has a baptism date for this next week.   if she can
get married.  holy cow getting people married is soooooo hard geez.
 but we had 2 miracles happen yesterday with A.  after church
A invited us to come to her house,   she had invited one of her
friends to listen to us.    we had a powerful lesson.  A gave a
super super super strong testimony of the church and of the book of
mormon, and of baptism. and the friend she had invited felt the spirit
way strong.  sadly she doesnt live in our area.  but it was so
awesome to see one of the people who we{ve been teaching give her
testimony.    and i know that when she gets baptized she{ll be a super
powerful member. for her whole life.

the next miracle is that later that night we went back to her house--
but this time we talked with her husband.  we taught him and his heart
opened up.   and we invited him to stop smoking and drinking.  he{s
catholic.  but really its just a tradition.   he said he{s never
prayed.  so we taught him to pray and invited him to do it at the end
of the lesson.   he gave such a sincere prayer asking for the help of
the lord to quit smoking and to have the love of jesus christ more in
his house.    it was great. we{re going by to see him tomorrow.  and he
said he{s going to go get things out for the wedding today!!

super pumped for them.  i hope so bad they can get married this week.
i{m going to do everything i can so that it happens.

also this week we had an awesome ward party - 15 de septiembre is like
mexican independence day.   so that was intense.    we had a "mexican
night" in the church, complete with mexican food, mexican music,
mexican dancing, and a piñata.   we brought investigators. and
participated in the food, but not the dancing.  =)    ha.

well i{m going to leave this one short.   so we can talk!
love ya all.
-elder lloyd

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