Letter #51 9/26/11 Hey Hey Hey!!

hey fam. hows it going in utah.

good to get your letters.  sounds like its been another busy week.
homecoming, lacrosse, moms trip, dad taking care of all the boys
stuff.   geez.   glad everything went well though. i´m super
happy that slaters doing so well with goalie.

this week has been pretty good.  we found and taught and invited to
baptism, 15 new investigators.  sadly not one came to church.   bah.
so frustrating.     but the good thing is the lord blessed us with 5
new investigators that just arrived by themselves this week to church.
 2 that said they´d always passed by the church and been interested in
knowing more about what we do.   so we´re pretty pumped for them.

e and her family didnt come this week.  they slept in-- bah.
frustrating.  but we´re going with them tomorrow and hopefully we can
put a new baptismal date with t.

a wasnt baptized because she was still lacking some of the
necessary papers -- a birth certificate-- bah.   she had to take a
trip back to where she was born to get a new copy-- so frustrating.
so basically we dont really know when she-ll be baptised.  sometime
this month for sure. its just a question of when she gets everything

today we had a zone activity that was super fun.  we played soccer
then watched the movie -Bolt-  idk if you´ve seen it but it totally
applys to missionary work.  ha  basically it was super good because i
havent seen a movie in forever and the movie was super funny,
especially watching it with other elders.

Kind of a bummer that i didnt baptize again in september.  i think i´m
just getting used to it now which sucks.     we should be baptizing
every week. without fail.   i´m super frustrated.   but i´m hopeful that we can start baptizing.  since my companion arrived we havent baptized.    i know we have people that are really
good.  its just hard sometimes to help them recieve a testimony
of the book of mormon.  i really don't understand how they cant just
Know its true.  everytime i read it i know its true.  and there are
investigators we have that say they´ve read and prayed but havent felt
anything.   which to me means they´re probably not praying with real
intent or with faith or with a sincere desire to know.

but we´re going to work hard this week as missionaries to give more
powerful testimony of the book of mormon. so that they can have more
desires to know that its true.

-anyway.  i´m so pumped for general conference and to hear
the voice of the lord through his chosen servants here on the earth.
my companion and i are going to try and bring 10 new people to church
with us this week so that they can hear the voice of the lord and
recieve a testimony.  i know that if we can get them there, they´re
going to feel the spirit and something that one of the speakers says
will touch their hearts!

i challenge you all that you can listen to conference prayfully, and
that this week in your personal prayers you can ask for answeres to
questions that you have in your heart.  and that the lord can answer
them this weekend!

hope you all have a great week and that you have a great weekend
listening to conference!
 -elder lloyd

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