Letter #48 9/05/11 Greetings from Puerto Real!

hey family.

thanks so much for your b-day emails.    i feel loved!

this weeks been super good.  we had 5 people in the church sunday.  a
family of 3 and a guy named E and a lady named A.
it was super intense though, we thought that A wasnt going to
be able to come because her work told her she had to go on a trip
sunday morning.  but we went and taught her a lesson about why we come
to church, the importance of sacrament, and what it really means to
take upon us the name of christ -- and then we asked her if she was
sure there wasnt anything that she could do to leave later in the day
so she could at least come to sacrament meeting. and she called up her
boss right then and told her  that she wasnt going to leave till
sunday afternoon so she could go to church. ah it was awesome.  i´m
hoping so much that the husband will soften his heart and that we can
get them married this week!!!

this week we´re focusing on the people that came to church to go with
them and put baptismal dates.   our zone leaders are really wanting to
focus us on inviting the people to be baptised from the first visit.
sometimes it can be super dificult on the first visit.  especially if
your talking about something else, but we´re going to work on that a
ton this week. we want to have at least 6 or more firm baptismal dates
by the end of the week. i think we can do more.

the hard thing right now is whats going on with my companion.
yikes.   we get along really well. and he´s a super hard worker.  he
really really wants to work hard and everything. he wants to contact,
he wants to teach. he wants to do it all.   but--- the people dont
understand him and he doesnt understand them very well.  and the only
way to fix it is to give him more chances to talk and to teach.  but
sometimes its hard cuz it kind of kills the spirit when they cant
understand what hes trying to say. haha.   but i´m going to work
harder with that this week and help him to have chances to bear
testimony, especially with the members.
i think the best way to do it in the lessons is like hand it off to
him like --   "now my companion will explain repentance..."   but even
then its dificult.        i had no idea training would be so dificult.
haha.  i guess i forgot how i was when i arrived.    the good thing is
he just got here so he´s like this perfect pure missionary --  he
wants to works super hard -- i think if i can just focus his energy
into learning the language, in a few weeks we´lll be super powerful.

no he really is progressing though.  his spanish is soooooooo much
better right now.   it amazes me.   i can understand him and the
members get like 80% of what he´s saying.   he just speaks really slow.

to answer your questions elder jepson is from mesa arizona,  and we´re
having a great time together.  i think we´re going to get along great =P

we had pizza last week. and i think i´ll probably order one saturday
night for my b-day- but the best b-day present for me would be 10
investigators in the church this sunday.  i would be the happiest
missionary on the plannet.  so i´m praying for that. ha

love you all.
-elder lloyd

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