Letter #53 One Year??? Where did that go??

Matt, his companion Elder Jepson,and the most recent converts!

What a beautiful day!!



 this week we finally had our baptismal service.   woot.    three
people were baptized.  e and her daughter x,   y una
hermana named r.      we were so excited.   early in the week
we werent sure if they were actually going to be baptized.  but we
went and visited and we were able to help these three people realize
that this was the time.     it was so great to be back in the water!
 i baptized x, elder jepson baptized e and a brother from
the ward baptized r.    it was neat because it was elder jepson´s
first baptism and he was so pumped.   it was like christmas
day for him. ah you should have seen his face when he entered the
water.   super super happy.
the baptismal service was great.  super spiritual.   a lot of
investigators and some recent converts from other branches came.  the
primary sang a song and it was really pretty.   i think everyone left
edified.  especially e and x.  and r.
e´s husband will be baptized the next week, with two more of our
investigators -- A  y D.

other than the baptisms i´ve been super good.  mi compañero y yo
estamos bien animados por tener un otro cinco semanas juntos.
we´re hoping to baptize everyweek if we can.  there are so many good
people here.  and he´s getting the hang of things better.   he´s
speaking a lot better.


i bought a hammock,   super pumped about that.

i cant believe kims getting married--- what in the world?????  geez.
thats so crazy.    i´m so pumped for her. and the OLYMICS  oh snap.
she´s got so many huge things happening for her in her life right now.
 i hope so much she can accomplish everything she´s got planned and
that she´s really happy.

hard to believe i´ve been out a year    --  i have a feeling sooooo
much stuff is happening in my other friends lives that i just dont
know about.   its kind of scary actually.   the world i left behind
isnt going to be around in a year when i get back.    but thats ok.
the most important things will be there forever i´ve realized.  my
family. the gospel.   what more can someone ask for.  life changes
everyday,  the plan of salvation doesnt. the covenants we make in the
temple dont change.   the atonement doesnt change.   but it covers
everything.    i love the lord.  i love his mercy i love his
consistency.  his work and glory is our eternal life, and he does
-nothing- unless it is for our good.        as a missionary i try to
be as consistent as i can be.   consistent in obedience, consistent in
prayer and in faith.    i know that as we are consistent in doing the
correct things we will see a constant improvement in ourselves.  i´ve
really seen that in the past few months.   when i lose the consistency
is when we  start having problems.  when we´re half obedient- or we
doubt at times  -- thats when the problems come.  constant self
inspection to develop atributes like the savior brings a change of
heart and we start to become more like him.

great to hear you´re all well

glad slater and jack are doing so awesome in lax.
glad LP is numero uno en football. wooot.  go tanner smith-  /other
boys from the priests quorum
hope alls well with you all.

love you all lots.   think of you daily. and youre in my prayers
-elder m.d. lloyd.

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