Letter #54 10/17/11 Hola Familia- Como estan???

hola familia.
como estan??

sounds like you{ve had a busy week.  i{m pumped to hear about your
trip to DC    i hope all goes well!   my companion and I are doing
very well here in mexico.

to answer some of your questions,
we havent been able to teach a in a long time.  her husband was
good for a while but when we started talking about baptism with him he
felt like it was too soon.  and not something that he wanted to do.
yikes.    and they havent been able to get married.  i dont know why.
 everytime we talk with them its a different excuse.   which is a
bummmer.  but i{m confidente that we helped her prepare more for
baptism and the lord will continue preparing her and make her
situacion more open for baptism soon.  idk how but i{m hoping so much
one of these days we get a text or call from her telling us to come
visit her!

yes i bought a hammock.  mostly just because i wanted one ha. this is
mexico and all the walls in the houses here have places that you can
hang hammocks up so since i arrived i{ve wanted one.  its super
comfortable.   my companion is way jealous haha.  its a blue hammock
obviously. i{ll send you some pics soon.

j didnt end up getting baptized this week. he{s got some problems
from his past that he needs to fix up before he can be baptized.
a y d couldnt be baptized either because turns out her
husband doesnt believe in god, he believes in science.. ha.  and he{s
super super control crazy and wont let them even attend church any

but we{ve got a lot of new people we{re visiting that i think will be
good.    we{re gearing up for november.  we found a family this week
that i think is one of the poorest i{ve ever seen in my life.
family of four.  the husband left them to die basically. the wife
doesnt have a job.   they only eat eggs- and egg here costs 1 peso.
they dont even have enough money for rice and beans --- super super
super humble.  we{re bringing her rice and beans tomorrow.  and she
accepted to be baptized only she said she doesnt have a way to
get to the church --

  the transfer will be mid november we want to baptize as many as we
can the first two weeks of november.  i want to leave this area super
ready for the next missionary that comes!!

elder jepson is doing well. progressing well. teaching more.  his
spanish is progressing.  he{s a great missionary.

we{re excited to be here.  i gave a talk in church this sunday on the
temple.  they didnt tell me until after the meeting had started.   it
was great the guy got up and was like ---  and next we{ll have a talk
from elder lloyd about the temples.   apparentely the person that was
going to speak didnt show up.

i love you all my family.   i{m a bit tired but thats how it should
be!!!  i hope i come home so tired i collapse in the airport =p  that
will be a sign that i did the work well.

talk to you next week!
elder lloyd

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