Letter #56 10/31/11 Happy Halloween!

Hey Family,

i´m writing you a little bit earlier today,  its been an interesting
p-day.  we´ve been running all day.  we woke up and washed the clothes
then went back to the house and made pancakes from a cake mix we found
in the house.  it was super super good with that nutela that you guys
have sent me.   then went to a lesson with a kid thats been going to
church and seminary for 2 months and hasnt been baptised yet!   he
accepted to be baptized the 12th of november if his parents give him
permission.  we´re pretty pumped for him!  he´s got a big testimony.
only problem is he´ll be the only member in his family.  his aunts and
uncles are members though so thats good.

thanks for the long letters this week!  pretty intense week.
sounds like jack and slater got a little bit of a taste of what i went
through from 7-12 grade.   yikes.    i still feel stupid about that.
i wish i would have just done my homework. would have been 100 times
easier.    the good thing is right now i seriously love studying and
learning.  i´m hoping when i get back from the mish it´ll be the same.

so glad to hear things with moms buisness are going so well.  thats
super exciting.   glad to hear that jack and slater are going to the
temple plenty.  we can all go together when i get back.  the whole
family. bautismos por los muertos! woot.

this week we´ve been studying la Caridad.  -- charity. ---   as a
mission.   as a mission we memorized corintians 13,     that is an
incredible chapter, and i really didnt realize how incredible was
until i memorized it. you can learn something different from every
single line of that chapter. i think i´ve said it so many times that
its just getting more and more planted in my heart.     it doesnt
matter how great of a teacher i am, it doesnt matter if i have all hte
knowledge or if i understand all the mysterys of god, or if my faith
is so great that i can move moutains -- if i dont have charity. i am

as missionaries if we-re teaching lessons that are super powerful,
super beautiful, with perfect scriptures and we teach like a master,
it doesnt even matter.  we have to teach with the love christ would.
i´ve been trying so hard with that this week.  its not always easy to
love everyone, even the people you´ve never met.   but it hit me hard
this week in a lesson with a less active family i´ve visited many
times.  as we taught them i could feel a sincere amor for each of
them, and i invited them to repent and to come back to the fold of
god.  the sister has been less active for more than 15 years and
honestly has lost almost all her testimony -- but she promised me that
when she went back to her home town this week she´s start attending
church again.  along with her daughter.

really loving the people is the key to missionary work.  when we teach
with love, we teach as the lord would. we listen to the spirit. the
spirit knows exactly what this person needs to hear to change their
heart and their life.

anyway.  -- just so you know. i ´m doing well.  this week we had a
baptism,  jose got baptized woooooooot.   my first complete family
that i´ve baptized.

anyway family i´m going to go so i can talk more with you!

-elder lloyd

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