Letter #62 12/12/11 Hey Family!!

hey family!

how are you all doing!  i loved the letters this week.  especially
from jack! holy moly sounds like he{s had a pretty intense week!   i
wrote him a letter and took pics of it so i{ll email that in  minute!

this week has been pretty busy.  we{ve been working really hard, we
did some divisions this week and went out and worked with different
elders in the zone.  that went super well.  i taught with an elder
named elder sanchez.  we taught one of the most powerful lessons of
the restaurtion that i{ve taught in a long time.  everything about the
lesson was perfect, the spirit was super strong and both the people we
taught understood the message and had sincere desires to know if it
was true.

also some other news you{ll be recieving soon a present from me, hand
delivered from someone who i met here in mexico.   someone who works
for the church and just happens to have lived in our ward about  year
ago.   i dont know if you remember brother price and his family,
they{re from california.   they live on the other side of the canal
now, but they lived in bridgestone.    he was in the chapel the other
day and i started talking w- him in spanish and when i found out he
lives in american fork i just about died.  but we spent a little bit
talking about some stuff that been going on there and he told me he{d
deliver you some stuff from me!!    so you{ll be getting that soon!

also this week we had a stake conference here in cardenas.  we got a
new stake presidency and one of the seventies came,  it was pretty neat.
 he was super powerful. one of the families we{re teaching came and it
was cool because he talked w- them for a little bit!

but the best part was that i felt like the confernece was especially
for me everything that the speakers said was exactly what i needed to
hear.  my comp and i were having some problems and the seventy-  elder
johnston -- spoke about how we cant judge others, and the reason we
judge is because of pride.  so basiclly he pwned me.   ha.   and then
he talked about how we learn to love.    and he said something that i
really loved, he said that pure and unconditional love, is born and
strengthend from selfless service.  love is a product of service.

just another thought that i had while i read your letters. -- grandma
and grandpa are both in a hard spot, they{re going through some serious
trials, but one thing i{ve learned in the mission is that when we{re
in our trial, especially the ones that hurt -- spiritually or
temporally-- is when we most come to know the savior because we feel a
part of what he felt.   and then i read moms letter, mom wrote of how
the family has had the chance to serve grandpa and grandma this past
week, and i thought of how in the moment when christ suffered, his
father couldnt help him, he couldnt take away the pain, but he did
send an angel to strengthen him.  like wise sometimes we can not take
away the pain of others,  but sometimes the lord sends us as angels to
strenghten those who are in moments of affliction.

love you all. dont have a ton of time but i look forward to hearing
your voice and see your faces christmas!!!

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