Letter #64 12/26/11 New Companion

hey family!

so great to talk with you yesterday! that was exciting!  good to see
your faces and to be able to hear your voice.  it almost felt as if we
were right there in the same room.  i really did feel like i was
almost just sitting right there in the kitchen!   jack and slate look
super grown up. geez.  glad to see sasha{s still doing well.  the
basement looks awesome.  slater has some super legit skills on those
drums!!!       it was so good to be albe to talk with you in christmas

good news, transfers are in!  they called us like 2 min after i
finished the call and it turns out elder faisal is leaving, he{s going
to Coatza. as a district leader and he{ll be training a new elder.

my new companion will be elder quiñones.  he{s been working in the
offices the last few months as secretary to the president-  super
super good missionary from what i{ve heard.   and this is going to be
his last transfer in the mission.   so he{s got a ton of experience.
i talked with him on the phone yesterday and he sounds like he{s super
excited to work and like he wants to end his mission strong.  so i{m
way excited for that.  from talking to him i got the impression that
he{s a hard worker and he really knows what he{s doing.   i{m excited
to get to meet him and work with him in these coming months.  if
he{s coming and this is his last transfer that probably means i{m
going to be here for quite a bit of time. at least like another 3

a lot of the elders in the zone got transfers as well.  i think we{re
getting like 6 new elders here.  so that{ll be good.  hopefully some
fresh blood will get us going -- a lot of the elders that have been
here for a long time are getting transfered.

as for this week ---
it actually didnt even feel really christmasy -- the only christmasy
part was our mission conference when we had the devotional and watched
17 miracles. --  but even that was a little weird because of the
piñata!       christmas is a lot different here.    everyone has
parties,  but not christmasy parties.  its like loud music and dancing,
its super weird to me.  i{ve always thought of christmas as more of a
calm, gather with your family and spend time together thing.  here it
felt a lot like the fourth of july mixed with some holiday for the
virgin mary.   seriously it was weird there were like parades and
stuff just for the virgin. --- ha, one of the funny things is that the
people here dont usually put up christmas lights on the house-- they
put christmas lights on their statues of the virgin ---      it was a
different experience this year.   not to mention its so hot here right
now.     -----   it was even different than last year.  maybe its just
this city, because last year in coatzacualcos i dont remember
christmas being so crazy.

the good thing is that christmas day i was able to feel more the
spirit.   i felt the spirit when we went to church and elder faisal
and i gave a christmas message and sang. and i loved that in christmas
day we could have the chance to take the sacrament and renew our
covenants and at the same time remember his birth and his life.

well family.  i{m super excited to be able to write you next week and
tell you about everything that elder quiñones and i have been able to
accomplish!  i hope so much he{s ready to get working! ha

love elder lloyd

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