Letter #63 12/19/11 Christmas Skype!!

hey fam!

well its been another week here in Cardenas.  things are going good
here.  i didnt have a chance to read your letters before i wrote, its
been a long day, we had another zone activity today --  and we´ve been
running around the city since last night getting things ready for
that.    also this week we`re going to have a meeting-party with the
whole mission so as a zone we´ve been preparing a choir for the
program.  we´re going to sing away in a manger, and what child is
this, and another primary song,  i cant remember what its called.  ha.
   we´re pretty excited about that.

as for the work in my area-- to be honest things still arent
progressing as i´d like. but we´ve had some successes,    this week we
did divisions with the elders in the zone,   i stayed in the area and
worked with some of the newer elders,  we found some great
people.   had some way powerful lessons.  in fact, i think it was
thursday night i was with and elder hurst,  he and i were contacting
and it was pretty late but i felt we should stop and knock a door,  we
knocked and a lady answered,  she seemed annoyed at first, like
something was bugging her, but she let us in.   we sat down and
started talking with her and her grandma,   turns out the grandma was
a member like 20 years ago.  but was never active. she just got
baptized.     elder hurst and i didnt know what to teach but we
started asking questions by the spirit.   and it came to me that i
needed to share with the family how we can improve the enviroment in
the home and repair family relations through selfless service --
basically what i had learned in the conference a coulpe weeks ago--
     it was super powerful.  i felt the spirit as it helped me
and my companion teach the lesson.   i could literally see a look of
shock in their eyes, they paid really close attention and were awed,
and i really didnt know why at first, but at the end of the lesson,
the lady looked at us and told us that was exactly what she had needed
to hear that night, -- aparently less than 5 min before we arrived at
the door the grandmother had asked for help from her granddaughter
with laundry and she had refused because they were in a fight.
they two ladies said that they knew we were representatives of the
lord and he had sent us to help their family. -- they said they would
be coming to church, and we visited them saturday and everything was
great -- but they didnt end up coming sunday.     we´re going to work
with them again this week and see if we can get them to church.

elder faisal and i will only be together for this week.  he´s leaving
next week for a new area.  the president told him he´s goign to be
training ---    ha. 

i just want to have success here and work hard, because this area seriously
needs some help.   i know we can have success here, there are so many
good people.    but blesssings come when we´re obedient.   when we´re
not obedient we dont have the promise.


as for skype -- i´m super excited to be able to use skype.    i think
you´ll need to make me an account for skype!    and we´ll be calling
sunday but idk at what time,  we have church from 12 to 3 here.
i´ll probably call you or send you an email during hte week when i
know more so we can set it up!

as for the packages, i havent opened any yet! i managed to fit them in
my luggage w-o opening them!,  still dont have the pics-tape though

anyway i´m going to go and then maybe i´ll send you a bit more in a
min.  but if not   i´ll be in contact during the week to set up the
specifics of the phone call!!!

-elder lloyd

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