Letter #71 2/13/12 New Companion- Elder Lopez

hey fam. sorry i´m writting you all so late,  but its been a pretty
crazy day.   we were a little slow getting out of the house this
morning, we left at 10 to go wash our clothes with a member, then
while we were washing the bishop of one of my companions old wards
called him to tell him that one of his converts was super sick and in
the emergency room in the hospital here in cardenas and was asking to
see him!!   so we went and visited him. it was pretty neat,  you could
tell that it meant so much that elder lopez was there,   the man
doesnt have any family, and he´s dying from a sickness that he´s had
for a long time. but we visited him and elder lopez sang him some
primary songs in spanish and we gave him a blessing.
later in the afternoon the zone had interviews with the mission
president so we had to be there since 3 until 7-30    so we´ve been
pretty busy today.     but its been really good.  i felt so good after
my interview with the president.   i felt the spiritual confermation
that the lord is pleased with the effort we´re giving -- and that he
has much more prepared for our zone.    i love the president,  i feel
like when he speaks to me its exaclty what i need in the moment.

my new companion is elder lopez.  he´s from northern mexico. i´m not
sure exactly where.  mostly we havent talked much about his past. he´s
not very open.  ha-  he´s a bit interesting actually.   i´ve never met
a missionary with so much scriptural knowledge.  he studied 4 hours a
day for two years before his mission---  and before that,  when he was
like 16 he was a Jehovas witness, (he decided to go on the mission
after he read the book of mormon for the first time)  in the lessons he
teaches almost completely using scriptures, especially the bible.  and
he´s so excited when he speaks. sometimes he´s almost yellling-- haha.
  he actually reminds me a lot of a preacher from some christian
church.    he and i are very different ha.  but i think
when we get used to each other were going to be able to get a lot done.
he´s got a lot of good ideas.  and when he wants to work he works
super hard.

this week we´ve done a ton of knocking doors to find new people to
teach.  we found a lot of new people but none of them could come to
church.    saturday in the night about 8-30  we were a bit depressed
because we didnt have anyone that was progressing. and no one to come
to church,  it had be raining a bit all day, but about 8 oclock it had
started to pour,  and then our appointment that we had for that hour
fell through and we didnt have anything.   we were tempted to go back
to the house,  but we decided to contact a little bit more,  and i
said to my companion, "we have to find a family of 5 before we go back
to the house" ha,   we did a few contacts and nothing,  we were
soaking wet and cold.  and we started to walk back to the house,  and
right in front of the house there was a guy sitting under a pavillion
and before we entered we contacted him,  turns our he heard the
missionaries like 20 years ago, and had a testimony of the church, he
expressed his testimony of hte book of mormon and started talking
about the tree of life and the iron rod-- haha,  he´s got a wife and 3
kids  --- family of 5---   they couldnt come to church because the
wife is sick but we´re excited to go visit them this week!  i know the
lord hears and answeres the prayers of our heart.  and he can do
miracles in the life of every one of us,  but the miracle wont come
until after the trial of our faith.   i´ve been studying ether12 this
week and i love how the lord blesses those who put their faith in him
and go about trying to do his will.

well i gtg. but i love you all so much, hope youre having a great week.
love elder lloyd

ps. i got your package today!

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