Letter #73 2/27/12 New Companion!


its good to be writing you this week!    wow well there´s kind of a lot
to explain.  first-- sorry if the last weeks letter wasnt so good.
its  been a couple of difficult weeks.   things are much better now,
i´ve got a new companion!! his names Elder Clark!!

mostly,  since the first day that elder lopez arrived here in Cardenas
he said he didnt want to be here.   it was a real test for me the two weeks

 i was with him, but i learned
a lot actually.  - i learned so much more to put my
confidence in the lord.  there were moments when i felt super alone
because i didnt really have a companion, but i was reminded that we
are never truly alone, the spirit can be our constant companion.
every contact and lesson i taught i felt like the lord was
strengthening me.

I´m so happy now to be with elder clark.
when he got here we got right to work and in two days we found 14 new
investigators who look like they´re going to progress.   i´m super
happy for that.

elder clark is a really humble missionary,   he´s from idaho!   he´s
super super calm,  more calm than i am.   he´s got a year in the
mission, and this is his first transfer as a zone leader. but he´s got
a lot of desires to work hard and be the best he can.   so right now
we´re working really hard together to be able to have a great month in
march.  this week we had two investigators come to church which is
really good.

as for your questions -- the toes healing well, its looking good now.
i think it´ll be a long time before i have any problems with it!   i´m
hoping at least it´ll last me till i get home.  we´ll really have to
see how it grows to see if i´m going to have a probem but i´m hoping
that i wont.

i got the valentines package and am thoroughly enjoying the tape.   ha
so good to hear shelby´s voice  holy cow.  sounds like he´s adjusting
pretty well. the tape was super funny.   i loved hearing the
conversations at the tables  and in the car. and thanks for the tie.
the oatmeal tastes great.

thats cool about Be The Change.    ya they had that when i was there
but it wasnt as big, i know they´ve been making it something more and
more big every year.   the lady that was in charge of it was the same
lady that did Shields Of Honor i think!

the kitchen looks great.  i´m excited to see it all finished!!  the
darker wood looks so much better!!

well i gtg so i can write the pres.

love you all, tengan una buena semana!

elder lloyd

It looks better than it used to, but its still a lot like Grandpa Bingham's!!

The baptism of a man that Matt introduced to the gospel!!

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