Letter #72 2/20/12 Hey Hey Hey!

hey hey guys!

its good to be writing you this week,   its been quite the interesting
week here in Cardenas. tuesday i went to get my toe fixed!   actually we
went to the red cross!  they gave me two shots in the toe and then cut a
portion of the nail away.  a lot like the last time.  but i feel like its
healing better this time.  it looks pretty good and i´m already back wearing
shoes.    although for three days i wore a flip flop ha.    but its feels a
lot better, i dont have any pain.  sadly i didnt get to take a video of the
procedure but i have some pics of what it looks like now ha.

as for the zone, this week we had to go to comalcalco, paraiso, and
huimanguillo to do interviews.  if you look on a map they´re pretty
far apart, so that took some time. but the interviews were super good.
 i felt the spirit in all the ones i did. its easily my favorite part
of the mission -- interviews.   to be able to speak with and prepare
people who truly want to make covenants with the lord, and who´ve made
this decision in their lives.  i felt the spirit especially in an
interview with a sister who will be the first in her family.  she´s
having a lot of problems in her life with her husband.  but as she
prayed i felt strongly that the gospel would give her the strength she
needed to be able to raise her family.

we´ve been working really hard to complete our goals,  in the middle
of the week the assistants called us with an assignment for the zone,
that in this week we were going to do 200 contacts.  so this week the
whole zone worked super hard and we talked with everyone we could in
the street and knocking doors.  it was great to be able to testify 200
times of the restauration and the atonement.

well i gtg. sorry i dont have a ton of time this week.  i used a ton
writing to the president this week.  but i´ll write more next week!
love you all.  youre in my prayers.

-elder lloyd

-ah also.  the package i recieved last week was from grandma lloyd! i
still havent recieved the valentines one from the fam!  but tell
grandma thanks so much,  i seriously am loving everything she sent me!

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