Letter #84 5/14/12 Hey Fam!

We talked with Matt yesterday for an hour and forty five minutes, and he
sounded GREAT!  It was by far the best conversation we've ever had with
him.  We were all so relaxed and spent a lot of the time just laughing.  He
is loving his mission and is excited to work hard for the next five months!
Have a great week!   - marci

Subject: hey fam.

Well this week is going to be a bit short.  i used my time writing the
pres. and some other emails!

But i´m so glad we could talk this week!  i loved hearing your voices!
 you all sounded great.  i almost felt like i was there with you in
the room.   and only 5 months more and we´ll be together again!

But as for right now we´re working diligently here in Sabancuy.  my
companion and i are excited for a new week.  new chance to start!
this week we didnt have any investigators in the church!  that was my
first time not having investigators in the church in a long time!   it
was rough. but we´re going to go look for new people this week and i´m
excited to start working to reach our goals in june!

after i talked with you guys yesterday it rained super hard!   and
everyone says we´re going into the rainy season here in jun and july!
 i´m excited because yesterday was the first time the temperature was
actually enjoyable. ha.

well i´m excited to write you all next week and tell ya how things go.

have a wonderful week
-elder lloyd

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