Letter #85 5/21/12

hey family!!!

good to hear alls well with the fam.  sounds like it should be a
pretty busy week this week with school winding down!   i hope all goes
well with jack and slate and they can wrap up the school year well.

this week has been really good.  we´ve been working hard with our
investigators!   Thursday we did divisions with the zone leaders.
which means i spent half the day working with elder tlachi!  that was
an awesome experience.  it was like a wierd trip back in time, because
this time because it was like 11 months ago that we were working
together.    he´s such an awesome elder,  i was very lucky to have him
for a trainer.

we´re still struggling a bit to find people and have them progress.
we´ve been walking a ton this past week.   its disappointing when you
have a day full of appointments and then they all fall through.  so
frustrating.   but the good news is that we do have some people that
are progressing even if it is slowly ha.      p and y are
doing super great.  we had an awesome lesson with them, we brought
pics of our familys and talked to them of the worth of eternal
families and how we have to be willing to make sacrifices to recieve
the promised blessings. they both accepted to get married this week
and get ready for baptism.  and they both came to church sunday.

only frustrating thing is that htey have to go a bit far to get
married.  to a city thats like an hour from here where they marry
people for 500 pesos.   which is super super cheap.  hear its gunna
cost them like 3000 pesos.    but we told them we could find them a
ride with a member that has a car.   but we went and talked with the
member and he´s not willing to help us.  sooo frustrating.  he´s going
to be here, he´s got a job where it doesnt really matter if he misses
a few hours because he´s self employed,  but he´s just super lazy-- so
frustrating.   there isnt very much help from the ward here right now.
   i hope so much we can find a way to get pablo and his wife married
this week!!!!

we´re going to be working with the leaders of hte different
organizations this week to see if we can get them excited to work!
right now they´re a little bit depressed.  our branch president wants
to see the branch progess to be a ward, but he´s really the only one
in the whole branch thats visiting less actives and trying to get
things done.

i still dont know anything about when will be the day that i get
released --  my companion that leaves the end of august still hasnt
received information about what day he´s headed home-- so i´m not sure
when they´ll tell us!   but i´ll try to check this week and see if
they´ll tell me

as for tranfers, they still havent told us anything,  i dont think
anything will be happening until june actually!

well i love ya´ll a bunch.   hope you have a great week!
--elder lloyd

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