Letter #83 5/07/12 My Letter to you all from Sabancuy!

family!  it was good to hear from you all this week!  thanks a bunch
for your letters jack and slate, and thanks to ronette tambien!

i love to hear about the lacrosse.  i think i´ve been day dreaming
about it all day while i was washing my clothes and cleaning the
house!  bah i´m one jealous missionary.

this week i got my new companion.  elder Garcia.   he has 20 months in
the mission!   he goes home in september.  hes only got more more
cambio than me.  cool eh.      he´s from Cd. de mexico!   and he´s a
nice guy.  we´ve been working really well together!   we dont have
any problems.  he knows how to cook pretty well and so we´ve been
eating more than the normal oatmeal in the mornings.   we´ve had eggs
and toast and quesadillas.    its actually super super nice to be
with someone who has experience.   i dont have to worry about what
he´s going to say.  we teach well together.  we´ve had some awesome
lessons this past week.

we found a lady who doesnt go to any church because her whole life
she´s hasnt been able to find the right one!    she´s awesome, her
names olga,  and she sells cheese.  ha she´s like 60 years old, but
shes still 100% there.  she understands everything really well and
reads everything we leave with her.  she couldnt come to church sunday
because she had to work but we´re hoping for the next week she´ll be

also we went to El arca again this week but it was bad this time ha.
we got there and we couldnt find a ride from the bus stop to El arca
which is like 10 miles away.  bah.    so we started walking, and some
guy gave us a ride in the back of his truck but only like half the
way.  and we walked the other half,   when we got there the
investigators werent in their house..... bah.  and the same thing
happened on the way back to sabancuy. we walked like 3 miles and then
some one gave us a ride the rest of the way.      i think i´m going to
wait until our friend Fredy gomez gets back from working in cd del
carmen to go back to el arca so that he can help us.  because when
he´s here he can take us everywhere in his car!

as for the call we´ll be making for mothers day i´m still not 100%
sure how its going to be.  they say we can use skype!   but there isnt
internet that works well here in Sabancuy. so i´m going to try and get
permision to call in Cd. del carmen this wednesday or not this tuesday
but the next tuesday.  or if they dont give me permision i´ll be
calling sunday from the church phone and we wont be able to skype.
  basically dont worry about it,  i´ll be calling you this week
sometime  just super briefly to tell you when and where and how we´re
going to do the phone call!  =)

well love you a bunch. have a grand week.  and i´m super excited to
at least be able to hear your voices this week!
much love
elder lloyd

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