Letter #13 1/04/11

DEar family

wow this is the first week thats actually been pretty short! ha.  not sure why, but this week went by really fast.  i think its because i was more focused this week in the work.  and ive got a pretty good routine going now!  just like in the mtc, the days are way long. weeks are short. its weird.   i realized that as of wednesday i only have 3 more weeks with my companion.  the mission president here does a pretty good job of changing most of the missionaries to different places every six weeks!   but there is a chance that i might have another 6 weeks if i dont get changed in three weeks.     i hope i{m here for more time.  i dont feel like i{ve had enough success here to feel good about leaving yet.  at times i get so frustrated with myself,  i dont know what i{m doing wrong, this is a baptizing mission,  debo tener un baptismo cada semanapero we havent had any yet.  bah.     we only taught 20 lessons this week.   yesterday we had 12 appointments fall through ha. yikes. oh it was bad. we just walked between appointments all day. not teaching.  ha yikes.   but one thing i{ve learned about the mission-- when things are the hardest, it usually means some success is coming.  and thats what me and elder tlachi are hoping for--    enough complaining

my investigators-- we have 5 right now that are progressing,  which basically means they{re keeping all our commitments- read pamphlets, read scriptures, pray.  stuff like that.    my favorite is this old lady named R.   we found her knocking doors, she was the first one we knocked the day we found her.  and she let us right in and we sat down and got to know her.  turns out she has a son who had recieved the lessons like 20 years ago. and she has a book of mormon and reads it, and believes that joseph smith was a prophet and she thinks she needs to be baptized. ha pretty incredible right!!    only problem is she feels she needs to completely repent and have a perfect knowledge of the book of mormon before she can be baptized. so thats what we{re working with right now.      its amazing how the lord puts people who are ready into your path when your a missionary! 

some quick answers to your questions, and things i liked from your emails
-i{m doing well. i was a little sick yesterday. but i did the thing dad said with fasting for a day then drinking coke.  ha. i{ll give you some more details about that when i send an email to dad. haha.     but really i{m feeling much better now!   dont worry one bit about me,  ha, i have enough medicine here to start a pharmacy or somthing.   
if i get really sick i{ll call the mission office

-what am i eating  
i{m eating cereal and nutrigrain type bars in the morning.  but i just bought a loaf of bread so probably gunna start eating that in the morning and at night.  i really dont want to buy a pizza every week from you guys. thats 1000 dollars worth of pizza in two years.   they have peanut butter here i found out, and jelly. smuckers. so we{re all good. i{m going to buy plenty of that! but its really not popular here. my companion told me that almost every one doesnt like peanut butter here. ha. yikes. 
-- things for next package
tide to go pen, poptarts
--do you know if christian howard has his mission call
''thats amazing that slater didnt sleep through sacrament meeting.  its a miracle!! haha.
-that xbox room sounds legit, cant wait to see some pics
--so glad parker{s surgery went well.  that poor kid.  tell him i love him and miss him a bunch
--sounds like new years was a party in utah.   ha it was here too. the whole city was drunk.  haha. the mission president had the whole mission go back to the apartment a couple hours early that night.

--i had a run in with some dogs yesterday. it was pretty scary ha not going to lie.  the first time we just sprinted away.  the second time we passed this house we brought sticks and they came at us but we warded them off with the sticks. it was intense, there were like 6 foaming at the mouth and they were mad. ha yikes

-- also this week, i had a concert basically. ha. we decided to sing to some old people at a catholic old folks home.   when we went we thought we{d maybe sing to 2 or 3 old people in  their rooms.  nope.  they were all gathered together in one room with like 20 nuns and probably 30 catholic girls. the equivilant of a catholic young womans group only bigger.  in all probably 60 ish people. all girls, we were the only boys in the room.  we sang i know that my reedeemer lives,  just me and my companion. ha it was pretty intense. and they loved it and wanted to hear just me sing a christmas song in english. so i sang we wish you a merry christmas. ha it was pretty intense.  anyway.

ok so you want me to share how my testimony has developed right... ok i hope this is alright

oh man, this is going to be difficult to do in a short amount of time. ha.  but here i go!
i{m not sure if i can adequately describe in words the change that i saw in my testimony and in my heart from the time i entered the mtc until now.  its something remarkable. i had known since i was little that i wanted to serve a mission.   but after my first week in the mtc i was so lost.  i felt a massive responsibility for the souls of the people in mexico i would be teaching, and i felt immensly inadequate,  inadequate in knowledge of the gospel, in learning the language, in teaching others and even in my faith.   i realized i could not do it,  i could not do it without the help of the lord.  and thats when the real change occurs.  when you get on your knees and open up your heart to the lord, and you really come to know your father in heaven and the love he has for not only you, but everyone of his children.   And also the love of christ, the love he has for each one of us,  because he truly knows us,  he suffered every pain every hardship every sadness that we will have in this life time.  and because of this, he knows how to best help us in our times of greatest need.  i testify that there is no challenge, affliction or sin in this life too big for the healing power of the atonement.  no burden too great to be lifted by the hands of our savior.   Besides our savior jesus christ,  no one born on this earth is perfect.  but the gospel of jesus christ and the plan of our heavenly father are perfect.   may we never forget how blessed we are to have this knowledge in our lives.  i testify of the reality of the restoration and of the book of mormon.  there is more power and truth in the book of mormon than in any other book ever written.    i{m so greatful for the opportunity i have to serve and share this message with the people here in mexico. 


i hope that was what you wanted!!  ha i hope its not to short or long.  idk.  you can you other letters that i{ve written iff this isnt enough!

love you all, 

elder lloyd

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