Letter #22 03/07/11 hola familia

how are you all doing! it was good to hear from all of you this week
in your emails!  thanks for sending them.  i always love to read
about whats going on in utah! =)
so i finally received the valentines day package! woot!  and pretty
much i loved everything in there. thanks for the watch.  ha i{ve been
showing it off to all the other elders. it has a backlight.  i think
its pretty legit.  and thanks for the tide to go pens and the thing to
clean my clothes.
but probably my favorite thing was the tape!  ah i love hearing all
your voices.  i{m so pumped to get the ones from the rest of the
family! ah woot!   tell katelyn and kim thanks so much for speaking in
the tape. i loved hearing them so much.   mostly i feel really bad
that this is the second tape that i{ve received and i havent sent a
recording! bah.  but i{m going to try and send some more videos this
coming cambio!  so thanks a bunch for the package.    in the next one
you can just keep sending the same stuff or suprise me.  i dont really
have anything in specific that i{m craving.  ha.  if you sent me a tie
dont have it be blue cuz i{ve got a ton of blue.  but whatever other
color will be grand.  i dont know if chocolate will melt in the mail.
the protien bars dont melt and they have chocolate. but idk.
also i got a dear elder from kim, and  some letters from people in the
ward. and a letter from shelby!!! ah it was soo awesome i was pumped!!
 tell shelby that i{m going to send him an actual letter this coming
week.  but idk how long it{ll take for a letter to get from here to

so it turns out i{m not getting transfered! and neither is my
companion! ha. crazy huh?  cuz i {ve been here for twelve weeks. and
my comanion has 18 weeks here.  we{re some of the oldest in the zone.
obviously we still have work here to do!   but actually i{m pretty
excited about it!  pretty much i{m really happy to be here with the
companion that i have.  i havent met another elder who is
as excited to work as he is.  we both want so much to be the best
missionaries that we can.  and we{ve progressed so much together in
the past 3 months.  its been crazy.   and idk,  i feel like i{ve
changed so much from the person i was when i left for the mtc.  but i
still feel ridiculously far away from what i need to be, in order to
be the missionary that god wants me to be. my companion and i have
realized this past week how much we are lacking.   we{ve had some
disappointments with our investigators this week.  but we{re starting
all over this coming six weeks. we{re going to set some new goals and
get to work even harder than before.  i counted up the contacts that
i{ve done since we arrived and it was like 1454.  but we hope to do
another 1200 in the next week.  god has asked (through our president
of the mission)  that we have a baptism every week. and i know
that god doesnt ask us to do things that are impossible to do.  its
like in nephi 3:7 and nephi 17   gods not going to ask us to do
something without providing the way for us to accomplish his work.
now all i have to do is make myself a servant worthy and ready for the
its ridiculously easy to fall into the routine of teaching and
contacting the same way every time. but really every contact and every
lesson needs to be different because every lesson should be guided by the
spirit.  and so thats where my companion and i are at right now.
strengthing our relationship with the spirit. and making sure we listen
to it every time we speak to someone.

our investigators-- most of them are all struggling a bit.

idk. right now my thoughts arent way positive about the
investigators that we have yikes... so i{ll tell you more about the
investigators next week after we work really hard this week!!  =)

tell jackson if he needs a spiritual thought he can go to 2 ne 32,
vers, 8-9   and talk about how in the moments that we least want to
pray... is when we really should the most. because if we{re feeling
like we dont want to pray that means that satan is working on us!

check my facebook and accept the mexicans as friends. i{ve given my
facebook info to some of the ward members =)

well i gtg!  i love you all so much.  hope you have a great week.
alls well here in mexico.

talk to ya later

elder lloyd

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