Letter #17 1/31/11

hola familia!  como te va--

espero que toda este bien en utah!!

sounds like its been a pretty long week.  busy but good no?   i{m glad
that everythings going well with moms business and dads traveling.
sounds like jack and slater are doing well too.

--  Landons coming to Mexico??

phw...   holy cow.  i am so pumped!  ah thats soooo great.    mostly i
couldnt be happier unless he was coming to mexico villahermosa!!   but
no this is good.  i{ll write him a big letter with some mexico tips,
mtc tips, study tips, spanish tips,  and other stuff next week. ah i{m
so excited, we{ll be able to speak spanish to each other and it{ll be
so great.   he{s going to love mexico.

so this week has been pretty good.  more or less.  ha.  yikes.  we had
3 baptismal dates fall through which was pretty depressing not gunna
lie.  and then we only had 1 investigator in church which was
frustrating. but the good thing is its a new week.  and elder tlachi
and i are ready to work.   we had almost 70 people in church again
this sunday and that was good.  more than double what it has been
other weeks.  also this week we{ve found some really good people to
teach which i{m excited about.

we have 4 families of investigators that are single parent families.
families where the father of the family has abandoned them.  its
pretty sad, but also pretty common here in mexico.  apparently the dad
just decides one day he doesnt want a family any more and leaves. i
cant imagine that.  but ya we have 4 families like that.  its really
sad. but on the other hand, they{re really prepared for the message of
the gospel.  and i think that the gospel of jesus christ is going to
give these mothers the help that they need to help guide their

so M, his brother J, and his mother C are all doing
well.  they{re pretty much our golden family.  ah. they{re so amazing.
we visit them almost everyday. and i think elder tlachi and i are
getting pretty attached to them. and the other way around too. they
seriously love having us in they{re home.  the mom, C, has
started calling elder tlachi y yo, her children. she always tells us
that their house is our house and she{s always offering us food.
yesterday i brought my fotos of you all to show them. they loved the
pictures and said that our family is very beautiful. ha, but then we
used the fotos to start to teach the plan of salvation and the
importance of the family in gods plan.  it was really good.  its
really just a matter of time with them before they get baptized.
they know how serious and important it is and want to be prepared for

also we taught our investigator K this week twice.  she{s the one
who has a husband who{s a testigo de jehovah,  i dont know if i told
you about her, she wants to be baptized but she{s worried her husband
will divorce her if she joins the church.  she mentioned it to him
once and he freaked out, they{ve only been married for four months and
k is pretty upset that her husband is kind of a control freak. ha.
we{re trying to stay out of her business, but we{ve been praying for
her to have the strength  to speak with her husband and that her
husbands heart will be softened.  because seriously she really wants
to be baptized.  she does all the homework we give her and more and
she always has amazing preguntas.  the other day in her prayer at the
end of the lesson she said -- te doy gracias senor por ayudar me a
encontrar la verdad.  ----ah!!! woot.   it was sooooo great.  but we
really have to wait to see what haappens with her spouse!

ah i wish i had more time to tell you about investigators and other things.

i{m excited to get this package and find out what happened to the
other. i still feel bad about the other package.   bah.  but i ate a
pizza this week so dont worry haha.
--also i{m eating. dont worry about that.  i think i{ve actually
gained. but i cant really tell.  i need to weigh my self but i dont
have a place to do it. yikes.

other stuff thats happened this week
an investigator told me that this city-- coatzacualcos is where the
natives in mexico believe that the white god visited, and taught the

i killed a cockroach with my bare hands.  it was gross. and a complete
accident.  i grabbed something and the cockroach was under the thing i
grabbed and i smushed it. oh terrible. ha. i was dying.

i used the tool dad gave me for christmas to help fix our sink in the
apartment.  i thought he{d like to know that it has come in handy!

other stuff that i should have told you in past letters--
oh snap. we had a lesson a couple weeks ago with this testigo de
jehovah.  oh my gosh. bible bashing and everything for over an hour.
it was pretty bad.   he wouldnt let us start with a prayer, because he
said we were only having discusion about god and doctorine and we
didnt need to pray.    and at this moment both me and my companion
had the prompting to leave because he wasnt going to learn.  but we
both ignored it-- bad bad bad-- never ignore promptings of the spirit.
we bible bashed with this guy for over an hour and got no where.  we
werent like fighting with him. we were just testifying and he refused
to listen to any of it and kept trying to take control of the lesson.
it was bad.    but we learned an important lesson.  that when the
spirit tells you to do something. do it!.

also, last week we cast out a devil from someone. it was pretty legit.
 i felt the spirit like crazy.  oh it was awesome.   and then later
that week we gave a blessing to a sick lady who was bed riden and now
she{s walking. so thats pretty cool too.

also you can tell katelyn i saw a woman driving an xterra.

well family. love you all so much. hope you have a wonderful week.
tell all my aunts and uncles, cousins and grandparents that i love
them! ah i{ve had a couple dreams about our family this past week!  i
hope alls well with all our family!

love elder lloyd

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