Letter #23 03/14/11 Dear Family

=)  dear family!

ah! how are you all.   mondays are so good because i get to read your
emails and hear about how youre all doing.    sounds like this past
week has been good for you guys.

In response to your letters,  my gear is holding up great!  the only
things that are destroyed are my scriptures. ha they{re coming
unbound. yikes.   i should probably take better care of them if i want
to have the same ones for these 2 years.   other than that my shoes
are a bit scuffed but thats to be expected with how much i{m using
them!  i bought a fanny pack.  =)  but its more manly then it sounds.
its just big enough to put my scriptures and a few pamphlets.    the
other bag is a bit too big to have with me all the time.  but i still
use the other bag for times when i need to bring preach my gospel or
more books of mormon.

as for the food--  in the mornings i eat one of three things- cereal,
pb and j sandwich or a grilled tortilla w- ham and cheese.   and the
other meals are in the houses of members.  usually we have soup to
start, and then a main meal w- vegies, rice or beans, and a meat,
usually chicken. we eat lots of chicken.      and all the people here
just take everything thats on the plate and mix it all together. ha.
and usually i do the same.  except if theres beans, if there are beans,
i deal with those first. put them all in a tortilla and eat it.
they{re deffinately not my favorite thing to eat.   but its all good
food wise really.  i havent had 1 problem here with food.  i think i
had more problems in the mtc! ha.  also i have a new fav food here.
theyre called  hojaldras.  oh they are soooooo good.  its a lot like
pizza actually. which is probably why i like it.  you should look it
up on the internet.

in the next package if you dont have room to send tons of stuff you can
just send the poptarts salted nut rolls. and balding pills!!!  for sure
on the balding pills, i{m almost out.  and i recorded a video for you
all but i{m going to have to re record it because the camera angle is
funny and it looks like i have no hair.  ha.  yikes.   but i{m going
to send it to you next week! so be excited for that!

so this week has been soooooo much better! ah! it flew by so fast.
probably because we were having just so much success this week.  ah.
we had 6 investigators come to church this week.  and we found 12 new
investigators.  and we have 5 investigators with baptismal dates!
ah!!!!! and M is one of them!!!!!! =)  wooooooooot!  he{s going
to be baptised this weekend. 90% sure.  the only problem is that he
just got a new job! and he{s going to have to work sundays. but we{re
going to have him talk to his boss and see if he can get sundays off!
 but ya.  L has a baptismal date. and E and A,
basically this week has just been so good.   i feel like ammon, in
alma 26 when he{s boasting in his god.  right now i feel like verses
35 and 36. when he{s talking about how there arent men in the world
with more reason to glory in there god.  and then in verse 36, idk
exactly what it says in english but in spanish at the end i
particularly like when he says ... bendito sea el nombre de me Dios
que ha velado por nosotros,  peregrinos en una tierra extraña ..
blessed be the name of my god for not having forgotten his servants in
this strange land =)         i hope so much that at the end of  my
mission i{ll be able to feel like ammon in verse 11 when he talks
about having a joy complete.

i could not be more grateful for the opportunity i have to serve here
in mexico.

so i told you that we had 6 investigators in church.  this week was
conference here too but it was super sweet because the prophet spoke
via satellite to all the stakes in southern mexico. it was a sweet
opportunity for the investigators to see the prophet of god called to
lead us in these days.  not many investigators get that opportunity
antes de baptismo.

well i gtg write to my pres.    hope i{ll get to talk to you all, but
if not. love you all a bunch.  tell my cousins i say hi!

elder lloyd

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