Letter #25 03/28/11Hey Family!

hey family =)
ah its  been a good week =)       it was good to read your letters
today.  and hear from jackson and slater.   so i got your package
with the pictures of jackson without braces!!!! holy cow!! he looks
completely different.  i have a hard time looking at the other pics i
have now because i know he doesnt look anything like that now.
definitely looks more cool with this new look. i mean he already
looked tough. but now its like tough-cool.   haha =)  oh boy.

for mom-- you can stop worrying,  i am no longer sick. but this week
was a little rough.  i havent thrown up again.  only that i{ve been so
weak all week.  yikes.  but its all good now.

mostly my companion at the exact moment that i got sick, he got like
realllllly excited to get to work. he had a powerful prayer or
something.  but basically because of that i only got 1 day of rest and
we{ve been at it all week with me not at 100% energy.    but i feel so
much better and alls good.  to answer your questions.  i was on
medicine for 4 days.  antibiotic.  and then after i took some of the
other pills in my personal stash =)   and i{ve been taking vitamins and
pro-biotics daily!

so investigators.
L was baptized this week.

and J i think will be baptized this weekend unless we have a problem
with conference!! but i{m pretty sure we{ll be able to do it.   ah i{m
so excited for him.  he{s a powerful guy. 

we have a new family that i wanted to tell you about.  their names
are H and K.  and they are our new family de oro! oh they
are so awesome.   they{re a young couple.  but seriously gold.  they
want the help of god to help guide their family.  its great.  they ask
questions that are so perfect.   we{re going to have a family home
evening with them tonight!

alright- so some things that are more random
if you could send me my priesthood line,  that traces the lineage of
my priesthood. idk what its called in english. dad{ll know what i{m
talking about

i had another run in with cockroaches. only this time like 20 at the
same time.  they came out of no where all at the same time.     we
were in the house of an investigator.  it was pretty bad.  i only
could kill like 2 the others were too fast.  but they were like
everywhere,  on the couch and moving around on the walls.  i about

also this week was the carnival de coatzacualcos.  and basically
its huge here. more than 50,000 people came from out of the city.  and
because my area is the center of the city  there were a ton of people
here.   and they stayed the whole week. basically its a huge party
like marti gras or something.   basically after about 8 or 9 at night
everyone in the town was drunk and partying by the beach.  thousands
of people.   ah yikes.

so thats been my week =)
everythings great
here{s a scripture for jackson that maybe he can share with his class--
romans 12 vers 21

well i gtg,   love you all.
talk to ya next week!

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