Letter #24 03/21/11 Not feeling too well.

hola familia!
ah,  how are you all.  it was so good to get your emails this week.
sounds like theres been some phone drama in the house this week haha.
email me a pic of this new phone that slater got!  i bet he{s just
loving the touch screen!
tell jack good work with that hit in lacrosse.  its defenders like
that   that are going to make the other players afraid to come near
him ha.   bah.  i really would like nothing more than to go to one of
his games!  that would be tooo sweet.   when i get back he{lll be a
senior right?  so i can go watch him play on varsity!!! =)

welll basically this week was toooooo cool.  M was
baptized!!!!!!!!! ah!!!!!!!!!  it was sooooo sweet!    it was easily
the best baptism we{ve had.  there were about 20 young adults from the
stake that came to the baptism.   basically a month ago we started
brotherhooding him with other members and right now he has sooo many
friends in the stake.  its pretty sweet.         he asked that i would
perform the ordinance, so that was sweet.   ah it was so gratifying
because we{ve been working with him since january 13th and now all the
work has paid off.  and basically he{s  a ridiculously strong member.
 i{ll send you some pics later of the baptism if i get a chance.
this coming week we have another baptism.  L!   i{m not sure
if i{ve told you about him.  he{s about 40 years old. and has a family
with 2 kids.   and basically he{s really awesome tambien.  and he{s
pretty pumped for his baptism.  he came to the baptism of M and
it was pretty powerful and now he{s really excited for his baptism
this friday.

so basically yesterday i got really really really sick. yikes.  we
went to the house of a member and i dont know i´m not sure if it was
something i ate or if it was just time for me to get sick. but holy
cow.   its been terrible.  i was up literally the whole night  last
night  vomiting.   it was so bad.   but we called the presidents wife
this morning and she gave me some medicines to take. hopefully they{ll
start working here pretty soon!      i´ll be alright though, i{m
pretty sure that in a day or two i{ll be back to full health.

sorry this letter is so small,  i{m just not feeling too well. yikes.
but i love you all.  and i{ll write more next week.
-elder lloyd

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