Letter #27 04/11/11 Earthquake!!!

well the letter to you guys is going to be short this week because i{m
jealous that youre in disneyland =P
everythings good here
with love, elder lloyd

just kidding.
but really i hope you all are having a fun time.  having a bit of a
break from the cold weather in utah!  you{ll have to tell me how your
trip went and send me some pics!!

this week has been really good.  we had 6 investigators in church
sunday, and 2 of them have baptism dates for the 23 of april.  elder
tlachi and i are pretty excited about that. only that we may not be
around to see it.   i{ve got a feeling one of us still will be here
but not the two of us.    this is the last week of the cambio and we
have a chance of changing this next week.  but we wont know till
sunday in the night.   i{ve got a feeling its going to be elder tlachi
that goes and i{m going to stay for a bit longer.  but idk.  we{ll see
what happens.

so you{ve got a new bishop!  bishop rose!  ah thats so cool.  he{ll do
such a great job.  bishop hamiltan was one of the most incredible
bishops i{ve ever know.  he had such love and a huge testimony, he
helped me so much and i know he{s helped so much the other youth in
the ward.  he was a great example of a man who really magnified his
calling.      but theres one thing i{ve definitely learned here,  and
thats that the lord calls people to the work and then qualifies them
for the job.  and whoever the lord calls will be qualified and
strengthed in ways they cant even imagine.  bishop rose will do a
great job.

speaking of the roses,  hows cade doing? feeling more confident with
the language.  i know that about around 4 months i was starting to
feel better about where i was at.  especially with understanding.  if
he hasnt picked it up yet he will soon.

i{m glad you liked the videos.  i thought they were a bit awkward. and
i really didnt think they would be that dificult to do.  but i{m glad
they turned out alright.     hows landon doing,   is he still
preparing-- tell him the most important thing to do is read the book
of mormon. and if he has time he should read a marvelous work and a
wonder-- because its really good and you{ll never have time to read it
in the field.

also-- earthquake.  legit!  holy cow.  it was in the middle of
personal scripture study and my companion gets frustrated and says
-- elder lloyd, stop moving the table -- and i{m like, you stop moving
the table. and we look up and the whole room starts to shake. but it
was short.   i actually would have ranked it like a 4 out of 10 on the
impressive scale,  but it was cool because it as my first.      there
wasnt any damage in coatza.  and no one was injured here that i know
of.  but i think there was some damage in other cities.  idk.

well i{m going to send some emails to some friends.
but i{ll talk to you all more next week.
w- love -- elder lloyd

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