Letter #29 04/25/11

hey family!

ah, so my new companion elder eberle arrived tuesday!  and it has been
one interesting week that is for sure.    ha.    elder eberle is
actually from pennsylvania.   he{s 20 years old.  and he only has 6
more weeks in the mission than me.   he served in cardenas (the city
that elder tlachi{s in right now) before he came here.     he is
definitely an interesting guy.    to answer
your questions, we speak only in spanish which is good because i know
some companionships have problems with that when they{re both from
the US.  my companion doesnt like the apartment at all-- in his last area
he had a big house apparently.   i let him have the bed.    so now i{m
on the floor.  but its no big deal.   i actually like it better.
so elder eberle before the mission worked in a car dealership and
washed cars.   We are different but its alright
because he{s seriously diligent.  he works really hard.     i know there is a reason that we have every companion
that we have.  and there is definitely something that i need to learn
from him.  he really is diligent,
he contacts almost everyone in the street. and this is definitley one
of my weaker points! contacting is not one of my favorite things!  i
really dont think i{ll be here in this area for much more time. so i{m
going to enjoy the time i have here with my american companion.

anyway.  sorry to hear slaters been sick. yikes! that bites!   i hope
he gets feeling better soon!

well i gtg, love ya all, talk to ya next week!

elder lloyd

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