Letter #26 04/04/11 General Conference!

ah, its so good to be writing you all again.   this week went so fast
idk why. probably because of conference.  i was looking forward to it
all week.  conference has got to be like a superbowl game for
missionaries. ah it was so good.
yes we did get to watch all sessions!   i was so happy.  my companion
and i were looking forward to it.   L came to two sessions
and M only went to one because of work.  but they both came to
priesthood sesssion and basically priesthood session was so powerful.
 i watched conference in english with about 7 other missionaries from
the states. we watched it live stream on the internet.  it was
interesting watching it with all missionaries ha.   but to answer your
questions, they dont have subtitles for the mexicans, the conference
is translated as it happens, like one person who{s actually there at
the conference translates it as its happening and they can hear the
spanish voice but not the voice of the person whos talking.   i was
glad i could watch it in my own language.  idk,  i{m sure i would have
understood it all. but idk, there{s just something different about
being able to hear the actual voice of the apostles and the prophet.
all the talks were so good, but i loved the talk by Richard G Scott,
when he talked about his wife, you could really feel the love that he
has for her.  i loved the talks in priesthood, especially the talk by
the prophet. it was powerful.  all the missionaries were talking about
how they{re going to come back from the mish and get married the next
month because the prophet said if we{re of marrying age we should be
looking for marriage =) haha.  but i think the things that i came away
with most from the conference is a greater desire to be a better
disciple of jesus christ. to increase in obedience, diligence and
love.  several of the speakers talked about being real disciples or
followers of jesus crist.

so this week,

as for L,  he{s excited to get the priesthood and will
probably be getting it this coming sunday if all goes as planned

our other investigators are a bit weak right now. we only have 5
progressing.  so we need to get working.  but i{ll tell you more about
them next week.

so i got two packages today and a letter from kim and grandma and
grandpa lloyd!
i wasnt sure which was the easter one - the one that i wasnt suppose to
open, so i just ended up guessing, but i guessed wrong and
accidentally opened the easter one.  but i didnt see much other than
the pics of jackson.  so i{m still saving it till later in the month

i feel like one seriously spoiled missionary.  holy cow.    thank you
so much family for writing me every week and talking into the tapes
even when it seems odd to speak to a recorder.     i got a good feeling
of that this past monday when i recorded your videos! yikes.  those
are most definitely some of the more awkward things ever. ha.   just
so you know, in those videos theres one for ben, and one for mike.
one for the priest quorum,  one of me speaking spanish and one of me
and elder tlachi singing.   you can watch all of them.  but the one to
ben and mike probably wont interest you much.
i had no idea how hard it would be to speak in english. holy
cow.   and more than that, speak in english to a camera.   the one in
spanish is probably the least awkward.  ha. it felt weird to be
speaking in english again. yikes.  but hopefully you{ll like them.
sorry i didnt send one to the family.   i didnt have much time after i
filmed the other ones. it was kind of last minute.    but the next one
hopefully will have more.

well i love you all,  i{ve got to write to my pres.  but hopefully i
can chat w- you all in a minute!

elder lloyd

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