Letter #28 04/18/11 Goodbye Elder Tlachi!

hey guys   =)

well the transfers have finally come!!! but i{m not moving -- elder
tlachi is though!! ah!!!! yikes!  i dont know how i feel about this.  these
past few months have been pretty crazy and elder tlachi
is like a brother to me.   easily transfers are the worst thing about
the mission.   you spend so much time getting to know someone and then
you have to say goodbye and not see them again.  bah.    but
its all good.  he{s going to a city called Cardenas, in tabasco i
believe but i{m not sure.    i{m going to stay here in Coatza.  and my
new companero va a ser elder Eberle,  and he{s from Utah!!!. woot.   i
havent met him yet but i{ve seen his pic.     it should be
interesting,  he looks a little nerdy.  he has glasses.   but idk what
i{m saying, i have glasses too. bahaha.   idk,  i guess i{m sad that
elder tlachi{s going but at the same time its going to be a new and
good experience to start working with someone new.  and hopefully we
can start to have some progress here.    we have a lot of investigators
that are close to baptismo!!

This past week we baptized J,  elder tlachi told me he sent you a
picture!     ah it was so cool,  the president called us at the start
of the week and told us that we should find someone to baptize for the
end of the week.   and we didnt have any baptismal dates set for this
week.  but wednesday we went
to J's house not looking for him in specific, we went to eat dinner
with his family.  but God set up the perfect situation for us.  his
mom and M arrived about an hour late,  and so we had time to talk
with J, and the conversation started out with talking about soccer,
and idk how but suddenly everything changed.   thats
easily the most rewarding part about missionary work.      the change
that we see in peoples lives.   M, J and their mom C came to
church yesterday.   L blessed the sacrament. J was
confirmed a member,  M gave the closing prayer in sacrament
meeting.  ah it was all just too great.

-- anyway, thanks for your emails this week,  glad to hear your
vacation went well.  sad to hear about coach stout.  i cant imagine
what that would be like to lose a parent that early.  it would
definitely be difficult.  sin embargo, we can always find solace in the
plan of salvation,  that gives us the firm knowledge that we can be
with our family forever.  that god has a plan for our families that
is much greater than this small time that we have here on earth. the
family is eternal in nature.

 anyway.   thanks so much for the package  you sent me and tlachi.
those pictures were awesome.  ah jackson looks crazy different.  i
cant believe it.   dad looks a little different too. slater and mom
look about the same =)    the extended family all look great too.
grandpa looks more healthy and he sounded great on the tape!!
exciting to hear about bryce and steve!!
i cant believe that its coming that fast.    i dont feel like i{ve
been out for very long.  yikes!

tell grandma and ronette thanks for sending me emails too.  i love to
get them, i wish i had more time to send them emails. i{m going to
work on making more time to write them! =)

well i gtg,  sorry this letter is short again.  i wrote my president a
little bit longer letter today. sorry

love y´all a bunch

elder lloyd

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