Letter #32 05/16/11 An oven inside an oven! Hot!

hey family!

well this week has been another interesting one!  firstly, thanks for
your letters.  letters from all, even jack and slate. that was
awesome.   and you can tell slater that i havent forgotten that he{s
my brother haha.  tell grandma and grandpa thanks a bunch for sending
me emails. i always like to hear whats going on with them.
to answer your emails from this week-- i dont think i{ll need boots.
my shoes are pretty good.  (random shoe note- remember how i got those
high top dress shoes-- pretty much all the missionaries in my zone
think they{re legit)  i dont think it{ll be a problem. and if it is i
think i can find some boots here so its alright!!   also in your
letters you said something about rob being fixed -- i didnt even know
he was broken -- what??  what happened there-- jackson didnt crash,
did he? =P

well this weeks been interesting for me.  wednesday i went to
villahermosa with my companion because he had a problem with some visa
stuff.  when we arrived to mexico they gave us a visa travel card
which basically gives us permission to travel in mexico. if the police
stop us in the street they ask for that.  but elder eberle left his in
a taxi in his old area-- ha. yikes.   so we had to go to villahermosa
to go to some government building and ask for a new one.   so we went
to villahermosa, and my companion spent the day running around the
city getting things fixed with that and i spent the day with the
president of the mission!!!  i dont know how i get so lucky.  i was
just sitting in the office of the mission and he came in and grabbed
me and said -elder lloyd, we wouldnt want you getting bored here-  and
we went out to teach some people. it was legit.  i think i{ve probably
had more attention from the president than most other missionaries in
this past month ha.   and the best part was when we were driving back
to the office from a lesson that we taught (the president and i)   and
i got to share with him something i learned in my personal study this
past week.  it was awesome.  ah  basically president casteñeda is a
rock. ah. i{ve never met someone more powerful.  its crazy.

so that was my wednesday.  and at the end of the day my companion
hadnt fixed everything with the visa still. so we{re going to have to
go back another day probably!  also-- the package you sent me arrived
the day that i was there in villahermosa! so i have it now!  oh my
reeses.  and snickers and milkyway holy moly!!!! anyway--

basically other than that, the biggest news this week has been with
the weather.  -- i thought it was hot before-- and it was,  it
was like an oven in april. but this week has been like an oven inside
an oven.  people here say that its reached tempratures of 43 celsius,
i think thats 115 farenhiet.  but idk.  basically didnt think it was
possible to live in that kind of heat.  ha.  the people who live here
are sweating the whole day.  now imagine me and my companion who are
from climates that are cold. ha.    yikes.     but i think my
companion has it worse.   he{s had a rough week with the heat i think.

as for investigators.

we found one of those -perfect- investigators this week though ah.
she{s sooooo prepared.  she let us in and said that she{d like to join
the church before we started teaching anything.  she said she hasnt
had religion in her life for a long time and she{s always seen us in
the street and is really interested in learning about what we believe.
without us inviting her, she told us that shes going to come to church
this week.  --she has a child and is separated from her husband.
we{ve got an appointment with her tomorrow so that should be pretty

also exciting-- tomorrow we{re going to villahermosa to have a mission
conference-- and elder cook is going to be there to speak with us!!!!!
ah!!!!!!!!!!   an apostle! i{m not sure but i dont think that all
missionaries get the chance to have an apostle come to their mission.
i{m so pumped to go tomorrow and hear the direction that the lord has
for us and for this mission!

well i gtg.   but i love you all, and i{ll be excited to hear from you
next week!!!
--elder lloyd

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