Letter #30 05/02/11 & A Chat with Mom!

ah family!

its good to be writing you again.  these past two weeks have felt a
bit longer than usual with the whole adjusting to the new compa├▒ero
thing.  but its all good.   ha.
thanks a bunch for your letters.  i love reading them.  the letters
from jack and slate were especially good. sounds like jacksons hurting
quite a few people in lacrosse. ah i wish i could see it.  i{m a bit
scared to play with him when i get back.   we{ll have to be on the
same team -- deal.

so this week has been pretty good.  we had a zone conference tuesday
that was really really good.  and then afterward the president came to
my area to teach a lesson with my companion and i.  it was pretty
sweet.  he is incredible.  i really have never met in my life a man
more in harmony with the spirit.  when he speaks he speaks like the
sons of mosiah -- with power and authority.  ah its crazy.  he{s way
bold and he says things exactly how they are,  but with a ton of love
at the same time.  and people listen to him like he{s the prophet.
   so that was an awesome experience to be able to teach with him,
and then friday i had to drop something off to him before he left
coatzacualcos and he took us contacting and it was sweet.  --- so this
week i{ve been trying to apply what i{ve learned from the president.

i{d tell you more about our investigators but to be honest we{ve had a
few dissapointing weeks investigators wise.  seriously.   bah.  we{ve
had two baptismal dates fall through.  an investigator named K that we{ve been teaching was going to be baptised this saturday,  but
she was hospitalized with some sickness and we havent heard from her
in like 4 days.  yikes.   so thats going to be postponed a bit.
she{s way ready for baptism though.  holy cow.    she{s got a firm
testimony of the book of mormon.  we{ll probably put her baptism for
the 14 of may.
and then hermana C is our only other person who{s ready for baptism.
 but really we{re waiting on J and M to get the priesthood so
that they can baptize her.    M is doing well. really
well. i just saw him in the street not 15 min ago.  i hadnt seen him
in 2 weeks.  but he gave me the biggest hug.   he{s been reading the
book of mormon everyday.  he takes it to work and reads it when he{s
not busy.  ah he{s a rock.
-- i have like 10 other people that we{re working with but everyone
has a different problem-- problems with leaving behind past
traditions, some arent married, some have family problems, some want
more time.  its frustrating. ha.  but we{ll keep working with each of
them and little by little we{ll get some success.

but on a lighter note, its really really hot here. i{m like melting or
something.  seriously during the day i seriously think my insides are going
to be cooked.   its like an oven. and it doesnt get better until about an
hour after the sun goes down, and then if theres a breeze its liveable.
this past week i spent a whole night trying to cool myself down
ha.  but we bought some new fans so thats going to be good. i didnt
have a fan for the whole time i was with elder tlachi.

-- Mothers day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    AH!!!!!!
i{}m pretty pumped to hear you all and talk with you.  its going to be
sooo good.  make a list of things you want to ask me.       i{m so
glad i{ll be able to hear your voices again. i dont know if youre going to
have to call or if i{m going to... idk. we{ll see.  i{m going to send you an
email during the week w- more info.  but it will be sunday i think
and just so you know, we do have daylight savings time in mexico.
right now the time says 4:40

to answer your other questions,  i{m doing well.  i{m staying
hydrated.  i{m eating.  and i dont think i{m any taller. and i think
i{ve lost weight.  not a ton. but a little.   ha.  i have a p{b and j
sandwich every morning and eat chocolate and protein bars throughout
the day.

anyway, good to hear that osamas dead.  finally. what else is going on in
the news.  what was that whole thing with egypt and some other country
about.   we dont get much news here. because we cant watch tv ha.

so this past week there was a fair in coatza and it reminded me of the
fair we went to before i left mom!! ah that was so fun. thanks so much
for spending that time with me before i left!  i{m so grateful to
have parents that i know love and care about me.

also, this week, cade rose and mandy morgan and lauren beck wrote me!
ah!  well actually they wrote me in march but i got their letters tuesday!
that was awesome.

well i{m going to stop writing so we can chat a little. love you all.  say
hi to the cousins aunts uncles and grandparents for me.
-elder lloyd

>>> Hi Matt!  I'm here when/if you can chat!

>> ok i can chat now!!!!

> Slater is here eating cheese on a rosemary cracker and he says to tell you
> he loves you.  That experience with your President sounds amazing.  Do you
> feel like he likes you?  You get along well with him??

tell slater i love him a bunch.   and yes i seriously love my
president  he{s incredible.  and i know he loves me. ha he loves every
missionary even the worst missionaries.  but ya we get along well.  and
i think he likes me.     he{s got this thing where he can like look at
your soul or something.  he can tell if youre here for the right
reasons.  elder tlachi was one of his favorites. and he{s starting to
treat me like he treated elder tlachi so thats good!!
i{m doing well.  just trying to do my best.

> I'm going to put both your names in the temple this week along with J.
> Maybe you can get some help from the Lord!!!  Try to focus on the
> people there in Mexico!  You won't be in Coatza probably
> for more than another month!  So try to enjoy it!

yeah, i know i dont have too much more time here and i want to help
all these people that i{ve been teaching for so much time to progress
ah.  theres like 4 different families that i{ve been teaching for
months and i just want them to progress so badly, they{re soooo close.
 but at times i feel like i{m just not quite the missionary enough to
help them bah. so frustrating. but thanks for the prayers.  i{m going
to keep giving it my all like always =)

> I know you will.  That's all you can do, you know?  There's a primary
> song called "whatever you have is enough".  It's about the miracle of the
> fishes and the loaves.  And it reminds us that we AREN'T enough.  But we
> bring what we have, and the Lord blesses us and strengthens us, and somehow,
> we ARE enough through Him.  You know?  You truly are enough, I promise.
> Things happen in His time and in His way.  Not ours.  You are amazing
> and have much faith.  It's just being tried a bit right now.  Get on your
> knees and ask for added help.  I promise it's all going to be ok!!!  LOVE

thanks mom and dad!!   love you so much.   i gtg though.  i{m excited
to be able to talk with you this week.  only two more times after this
time! crazy eh!  love you a bunch.
-elder lloyd

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