Letter #34 05/30/11 Big News! Transfer!!

hey family!
well this ones going to be short because i want to write to landon!
but holy cow, looks like there is still a ton!!! of snow at the cabin.
 geezz.   i hope the cabins ok when the snow starts to melt.  i wish i
could come help you sandbag!! haha.
sounds like its been a busy week.  glad everything worked out well
with moms order and dads activities with the priests.

well the big news ------   i{m getting transferred!!!

i{m going to Cuidad del Carmen

the area is called puerto real.  but idk exactly where it is yet.  but
its an island!!!!!!! so i{m going to be beachside again ha cool huh

the other big news,  even bigger really is that i{m going to be
District Leader there!  AAAAAhhhhhhhh!!!!!!  they called me last night
and told me i should sit down before they told me my transfer. and then
they told me i was going to be district leader. mostly i feel
extremely unprepared. ha.  the missionaries from the states here dont
usually get called to district leader till after the year mark.....
 i seriously thought i was going to be the junior companion again.  to
someone with some experience.  i{ve never had a companion with
experience ha.  but nope looks like i{m going to be the senior
companion and district leader.  mostly i feel pretty weak. but i
remembered last night something that brother bradley told us in
priests quorum about his mission.  that we dont get called to the
assignments we{re prepared for, we get called to be what the lord
wants us to be and we have to rise to the bar.     but i also know that as i
put my trust in the lord he{ll help me to be able to complete
this assignment.

anyway. i{m going to leave it at that and i{lll talk to you all next week =)
elder lloyd

oh also my new companions name is elder romero

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